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Is Bradley Jackson Based On Which Character? What Is True About the Morning Show?

Is Bradley Jackson Based On Which Character?

Reese Witherspoon plays many roles in the new AppleTV+ series The Morning Show, as most of us have come to expect from the actress-turned-multi-hyphenate media mogul. She is both the series’ star and executive producer.

The role that will put Witherspoon in the spotlight for viewers is that of Bradley Jackson, a local reporter who is invited onto The Morning Show after a video of her fiery personality (and consequently significant TV potential) goes viral. However, was Bradley Jackson inspired by any real, outspoken reporters?

Even if not precisely, her TV news universe ought to be somewhat recognizable. After Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is fired for sexual misconduct, Jackson is brought on to replace him, but he also wants to ruffle some feathers with longtime Morning Show co-host Alex Levy.

The producers urgently need to spice up the show following the accusations against the former co-host, and Jackson seems to be the ideal choice. As they struggle to understand their new roles both on and off-screen during this turbulent time of transition, Jackson and Levy get into a power struggle.

Bradley Jackson, however, has a new look, as you might have already noticed. Her mousy brown hair, which was a wig worn by Witherspoon, has been swapped out for a blonde color that goes well with the cheery tone of The Morning Show. Not only did character play a role in the decision to drop the look. This and other information are provided by Witherspoon.

How Did It Feel to Give Up the Wig?

To be completely honest…

Due to the number of people required to construct [the wigs], it was a challenge that would have made my life incredibly difficult during the epidemic. There is a whole technical sector. On game day, we actually made a decision that simplified things for everyone.

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What Excites You About Bradley’s Future Story After the Spectacular Morning Show Season One Finale?

We talked about Bradley’s sexual exploration when [head writer] Kerry Ehrin and I started talking about how the pandemic was changing how she was thinking about season two. Several of my friends who were in their forties felt suddenly free from their upbringing or other constraints and were able to explore their sexuality.

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So that was our conversation, and I thought Kerry handled it well. The discussion was dominated by this issue because defining one’s identity at 45 years old is extremely difficult.

Kerry was also interested in talking to Bradley about his drug problem and their relationship. Many members of the cast and crew who saw those scenes came up to me afterward to say they were reminded of their own sibling relationships.

Bradley Jackson, According to Reese Witherspoon, Is Not Similar to Her at Work.

Witherspoon discussed season 2 Bradley in a cover interview with InStyle magazine in December 2021. The 45-year-old performer acknowledged that, while not really like Bradley, she had fun portraying her on television.

According to Witherspoon to Gayle King, “It was fantastic to play this character who was so pleased to be invited to the party.” Then, by season 2, she is entitled, a brat, and perhaps not doing it in the most professional way possible.

“Playing a role so different from myself was enjoyable. I work well with others, but Bradley isn’t like that, she continued. The mother of three said, “Yes, professionally,” when asked if she is the antithesis of who she is.

Gayle King served as the model for Witherspoon’s “Morning Show” role.

When asked whether there was a particular broadcaster who helped shape the character of Bradley, the Legally Blonde star said that it had been the one doing the interview. Bradley’s behavior from season 2 wouldn’t fly for King, who co-hosts CBS This Morning, in the workplace.

“Let me tell you something, I swear to you I’d be in Times Square searching for a cab if I told the CBS boss, ‘F*** you, and I’m going to call in sick for the next month. Taxi!’”

When asked who else has inspired her, Witherspoon responded, “People recognize their power.” Because they didn’t want to be treated unfairly, some people have had to choose not to go to work when that has happened.

Fans of The Morning Show are aware that Bradley has returned as a co-host, but only time will tell if her rumored “brat” conduct carries over to the rest of the season.

Every Friday, The Morning Show Season 2 premieres a brand-new episode for viewing on AppleTV+.

In Season 2 of “The Morning Show,” Bradley Jackson is changing things.

Bradley no longer merely expresses gratitude for her employment. She is resisting in The Morning Show Season 2, which debuted in September 2021. who precisely am I up against? virtually everyone.

She once takes the network she works for, UBA, to task by taking a month off of work due to illness. But more often than not, Bradley is in a confrontation with her co-anchor Alex Levy or her boss Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup).

She makes it clear to Alex that she is no longer the new employee, just in case there is any misunderstanding. They are now rivals, competing for the most compelling stories and airtime.

Her dating life is also being altered by Bradley. Sparks fly between the two during an interview prior to Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies) joining her as a guest co-host. They soon start a covert relationship that almost everyone is aware of. At some point, Laura forces Bradley to address her sexuality. Later, more information than Bradley would have liked is revealed to the public about her private life.

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