Cause of Death of Rickey Smiley’s Son: Everyone was Shocked by the Loss of His Eldest Son!

Cause of Death of Rickey Smiley’s Son

What Happened to the Son of Rickey Smiley?

Rickey posted a video to his Instagram account on Sunday, January 29, 2023. He recorded himself walking around the airport as he told what had happened to his son Brandon Smiley. He wrote “My son died” in the video’s description. Then he said that he was going to Birmingham, Alabama because he had heard that Brandon had died at age 32.


“This morning I just got some bad news. I’m headed to the airport to fly to Birmingham. Rickey said in his Instagram video, “I just want everyone to pray for me and for our family.” “Brandon Smiley, my son, died this morning.”

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Rickey Smiley Is Sad About His Son Brandon’s Death

Rickey Smiley, a comedian, told the world on Sunday that his oldest son, Brandon Smiley, had died.

The older Smiley posted a video on his verified Instagram account with the sad news about his 32-year-old son.

“This morning, Brandon Smiley, my son, died. Smiley said, “I’m about to catch a flight to Birmingham.”


The host of a popular radio show didn’t say anything about the cause of death or anything else. But he asked his followers to pray for his family while they were going through this hard time.

“Pray. He told her, “Be strong.” “Pray for my son’s mom and his brothers and sisters.”

Smiley also asked for prayers for Storm, who is his son’s daughter.

On Twitter, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin told the Smiley family that he was sorry for their loss.

The tweet said, “I’m so sad to hear that my friend @RickeySmiley has lost his son Brandon.” “Rickey has done so much for our city, and now is the time to repay him. Join me in giving him and his family a big hug during this hard time. Rickey, we are praying for you.”

The stand-up comedian and actor Rickey Smiley host a syndicated radio show called “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Smiley is also one of the hosts of the TV show “Dish Nation.” On the TV One reality show “Rickey Smiley For Real,” which showed how he balances being a performer and a father, people got to know him and his family.

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