Who Is the John Hill’s Girlfriend with Whom He Is Dating Now?

Who Is the John Hill's Girlfriend with Whom He Is Dating Now?

Jonah is an actor who is 38 years old. He is known for movies like Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

He has also done voice work for cartoons like Horton Hears a Who and Megamind.

Jonah has also worked as a producer, writer, and director on different projects, according to his IMDb.

He was born in Los Angeles, California, and went to school at The New School and the University of Colorado-Boulder.

In 2004, I Heart Huckabees was Jonah’s first movie.

Who Is Sarah Brady, Jonah Hill’s Girlfriend?

In 2021, Jonah sent his girlfriend Sarah Brady their first photo together.

“Thankful for you, @sarahhbrady,” he wrote as the post’s caption.

Sarah is said to be a leader in Changing Tides Foundation’s community engagement efforts.


The organization’s website says that it is “a growing community of diverse collaborators who are passionate about solving global problems and making change.

The About Page said, “Our vision is to create a community that connects us all to our humanity, our kindness, our planet, and each other.”

Sarah is listed as a “contributor” in the areas of Disaster Relief and Advocacy on the page.

Jonah Hill’s Past Relationships

He broke off his engagement to Gianna Santos in October 2020. Sources say that the couple dated for two years but then broke up. It wasn’t clear why the couple broke up.

Before he started dating Gianna, he was dating Jordan Klein. Both have known each other since high school, and Hill’s high school sweetheart was Jordan Klein.

In 2011, they broke up and said they were no longer seeing each other. “Jordan always seemed very happy and in love,” a source told US Weekly. I never heard anyone say anything bad about the way they were together.”

Jonah Hill denies engagement to Sarah Brady

“It was probably traveling,” the source said. She always went to where he was.

Since she has a stable job now, she can’t just leave.”

Several reliable sources say that Jonah Hill has dated Isabelle McNally, Rita Ora, and Ali Hoffman. But not much is known about how Jonah was connected to them.

This section will be changed if there is any new information about Jonah’s connection to Isabelle McNally, Rita Ora, and Ali Hoffman.