Where Does Robert Pattinson Live Now? What Happened to Him?

Where Does Robert Pattinson Live Now?

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson and (born May 13, 1986) is an actor from England. Pattinson has been one of the highest-paid actors in the world because he has been in both big-budget and smaller films. In 2010, Time magazine and Forbes both put him on their lists of the 100 most influential people in the world and the Celebrity 100.

Personal details

Pattinson doesn’t like talking about his personal life and has said he dislikes the paparazzi and tabloid journalism. In 2017, he talked about his anxiety, which started when he was just starting out in the spotlight.

Where Does Robert Pattinson Live Now?

In September 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was reported that Pattinson had tested positive for COVID-19. Three days after filming for The Batman had started up again, it was stopped. Warner Bros. wouldn’t say who had the coronavirus, but multiple sources with “knowledge of the production” said that it was Pattinson.

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Where Does Robert Pattinson Live?

At the moment, Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, are living quietly in a flat that they rent in London. The couple has spent most of the lockdown in their cozy love nest and doesn’t seem to be planning to move anytime soon.

Does Robert Pattinson Have Instagram?

Robert Pattinson has decided not to open his own Instagram page because he wants to keep his private life even more private. When asked why Pattinson said he doesn’t want to use the platform because he feels too “old and boring.”

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Also, because his career has slowed down since Twilight, the stars think that fans won’t be interested in what he’s doing now (seriously, bro?! You’re Batman, so you deserve more than that!).

The Family of Robert Pattinson

Richard and Clare Pattinson are the parents of Robert Pattinson. Richard worked as a car dealer, and Clare worked at a modeling agency when they were both adults. Victoria, Elizabeth, and Robert are the names of their three children.

The London Apartment of Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson has been working in American movies for a long time, but he was born in England. Pattinson was born in London and grew up in the Barnes neighborhood. In recent years, he has moved back to the city where he was born to live with his partner, the English model Suki Waterhouse, who also lives in London.

Robert Pattinson at his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse’s house in London

Robert Pattinson is known as a star of the world who is very quiet and shy. Because of this, not much about his life is shared on social media, but some news did get out through his partner. Suki Waterhouse. Pattinson spent the pandemic and quarantine from Covid with her and in her London apartment.

The House Where Robert Pattinson Lives in Los Angeles

Robert Pattinson lived in Los Angeles for a long time, especially because he worked so much in American movies. Here, he and his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who was famous on the set of Twilight, lived in a nice villa.


After they broke up, the famous British actor decided to sell the beautiful mansion in Hollywood and move somewhere else.

Robert Pattinson has a house In the Italian town of Menaggio.

Obert Pattinson also owns a home in Italy, which is likely something not everyone knows. This isn’t just any house or apartment in the city; it’s a villa in Menaggio on Lake Como, just 17 km from George Clooney’s most famous Italian villa.


Pattinson’s family has always given him a lot of support when it comes to his acting career. His mother first tried to get him to become a model when he was 12, but Robert ended up liking acting more.

As for Rob’s older sisters, Victoria is a successful marketing consultant and business owner, and Lizzy is a popular singer and songwriter in the UK. Lizzy has played with UK-based bands such as Aurora UK and Milk & Sugar.

Robert is close with both his parents and sisters. In fact, he often brings his mother to public events and movie premieres with him!