Can You Make a Traditional Crew Sock Look Fashionable?


Of all the sock styles out there, crew socks have always been considered a bit “awkward” because they sit halfway between the ankle and the knee. Still, it’s one of the most popular sock styles. Can you make it look fashionable? Let’s find out!

Crew Socks: What are they?

Before we talk about whether you can make this sock style fashionable, we have to answer one important question: what is a crew sock?

Crew stocks are short, casual socks. The most common crew sock length is above the ankles and below the knees. They’re typically made of a thicker material, and their extra length adds flexibility and warmth.

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There’s no standard length for crew socks. You can find both short and long options to meet your needs, comfort preference and personal style.

When you buy custom socks made in usa, the crew style gives you more space to show off your design or logo. The longer the sock, the more you can show off your design.

How to make crew socks fashionable?

Now that you know what crew socks are, let’s talk about making them more fashionable. Here are some tips to make the classic crew sock look chicer:

Follow the athleisure trend

Athleisure is still on trend, and crew socks are the perfect match for an activewear set. Pair your socks with sneakers, leggings or shorts and a sporty top to complete the look.

Look to celebs for inspiration

If you’re not sure how to make crew socks look more fashionable, look to celebs for inspiration. Crew socks have been spotted on Kristen Stewart, Bella Hadid, the Kardashians and other high-profile celebrities.

Pair with skirts

If you’re going for a 90s look, which is so in right now, then pair your socks with a skirt. They look great with both long and short skirts. To really complete the look, slip on a pair of white sneakers.

Tips for wearing crew socks with sneakers

Crew socks and sneakers are a match made in heaven. They create a classic retro look that looks great for any occasion. Here are some tips to help you nail this look:

  • Wear crew socks with chunky sneakers. The sneakers will make the socks look less bulky and create a cozy-chic look.
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  • Wear your socks up over your leggings instead of under them.
  • Try wearing patterned socks to make them a part of your outfit. Make sure the colors match the rest of your look.
  • Make sure that your socks either match your sneakers or match the color of your bottoms.
  • Consider the length of the socks and the outfit you’re wearing. If you want to draw attention to your socks, go with a longer length that sits at least halfway up the calf.

The great thing about this sock style is that you can wear it with any type of sneakers you want, from platform to vans and classic athletic sneakers.

Outfit ideas for crew socks

You now know how to wear crew socks with sneakers and how to make this sock style more fashionable. Here are some other outfit ideas for your crew socks:

  • Pair your socks with biker shorts and athletic sneakers;
  • Dress them up with a blazer and dress pants;
  • Wear them with preppy looks;
  • Go outside of the box and wear bright crew socks with heels and a skirt;
  • Crew socks look great over the top of a pair of leggings and paired with a cozy hoodie. A white crew sock works best for this look if you’re wearing white sneakers.
  • Wear crew socks with your summer looks, whether you’re wearing shorts or a skirt.
  • Try rolling up your jeans to show off patterned crew socks.
  • Go all out with really long and funky or brightly colored crew socks. Pair them with shorts to make them a focal point of your look.
  • Wear a pair of casual crew socks to tone down a dressy outfit and make it more suitable for a night out on the town.
  • Pair white crew socks with sneakers and a pinstripe skirt suit.
  • Wear a cropped cardigan with wide-leg jeans, retro sneakers and crew socks.

If you’re not comfortable wearing long crew socks, try a mini crew sock instead. Remember that while white socks are the trendiest option, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear black or even colorful crew socks if they pair well with your outfit.

In conclusion

Crew socks will always be a popular sock style because they’re so comfortable and easy to wear. Pairing them with the right shoes and outfit can make them more fashionable and the focal point of your look.

While we’ve shared many tips above, the final and most important one is to experiment and have fun.

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There is no right or wrong way to wear crew socks, and fashion is an expression of your own personality.

Will Beaumont
Will Beaumont
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