Does Actor Jonah Hill Dating Oliver Miller After Split With Sarah Brady?

Jonah Hill Girlfriend 2023

American actor, producer, director, comedian, and screenwriter Jonah Hill was born on December 20, 1983. He wanted to be an actor, and his wish was granted. He made his film debut in 2004’s I Heart Huckabees, and in the 2007 movie Superbad, he received his first leading role.

He co-starred in movies with well-known Hollywood actors including Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler.

Jonah Hill made a brand-new appearance at the 2011 ESPY Awards. He drastically reduced his weight to signal to Hollywood that he is ready for more important parts. Additionally, he provided the voiceovers for several animated films, including Megamind and Horton Hears a Who.

It was discovered through looking through Jonah’s IMDB biography that he had previously worked as a writer, producer, and director in numerous projects for the entertainment sector. He attended The New School and was a Los Angeles, California, native. He afterward enrolled at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Who is Jonah Hill Girlfriend?

In 2023, Jonah Hill, the star of the Netflix series You People, is dating Olivia Miller. August 2022 was the first time the couple was seen together. The 39-year-old previously had a relationship with Sarah Miller. We don’t know the specifics of their breakup, though.

ec-thehub-57-1198371 And we’re hoping to see Jonah and Olivia So soon after they become husband and wife. On August 28, the 39-year-old actor was seen spending the day with Olivia for the first time in Malibu, California. They were observed walking along the beach holding hands and sharing a kiss in the ocean.

In red swimming trunks and a white button-up shirt, Jonah went swimming. In case you didn’t know, she is the sister of model Raychel Roberts and the co-founder of the online antique shop Chasseresse.

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Jonah Hill Dating History

His engagement to Gianna Santos was dissolved in October 2020. The couple had split up after dating for two years, reports claim.

There was no information on why the pair broke up. He had a romance with Jordan Klein before his one with Gianna. Jordan Klein was Hill’s sweetheart in high school, and the two have been pals since.

Jonah Hill Girlfriend 2023

The couple split up and declared that they were no longer together in 2011. Jordan always appeared to be really content and in love, a source told US Weekly.

I never once overheard someone criticizing their union. Jonah Hill has reportedly had relationships with Rita Ora, Ali Hoffman, and Isabelle McNally, according to numerous reliable sources.

Regarding Jonah’s relationship with them, there isn’t much information available. If any facts or specifics about Jonah’s relationship with Ali Hoffman, Rita Ora, and Isabelle McNally emerge, this section will be updated.

Jonah Hill And Gianna Santos

Gianna Santos and Jonah Hill first appeared together in public in 2018. Gianna is a content manager from America.

There is no information on how or where they met because they both kept the relationship a secret between them.


Jonah proposed to Gianna after one year of dating, and in 2019 they got engaged. He purchased a nearly $7 million property in California soon before the engagement, according to Variety.

Jonah Hill and Brooke Glazer

Dietician Brook Glazer and Jonah were dating. In West Hollywood, they were first seen dining together. Due to her own personal experience, Brook was also assisting him with the eating disaster. After breaking up, they began presenting his new girlfriend to co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Jonah Hill And Erin Galpern


Jonah had a love relationship with Erin Galpern. They were both originally observed in New York City in 2017. The two were later seen unwinding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, while on vacation.

The pair divorced in 2018.

Jonah Hill and Isabelle McNally

Jonah Hill and American actress Isabelle McNally began dating in 2013. For her parts in Before I Disappear and Bates Motel, she is most recognized. The couple was first seen together while taking their dogs for a walk. About seven months into their relationship, they decided to separate in 2014.

Jonah Hill and Ali Hoffman

Jonah Hill Girlfriend 2023

Ali Hoffman and Jonah Hill both attended Santa Monica’s Crossroads High School. Although they were in different years, they began dating in 2011 after graduating from college.

Dustin Hoffman, the father of Ali, was a close friend of Jonah’s and pushed him to pursue acting. Jonah kept their relationship a very close secret. He did, however, highlight Ali’s greatness on one radio program. Sadly, the pair chose to part ways after nine months of dating.

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Jonah Hill and Jordan Klein


In high school, Jonah first encountered Jordan Klein. Due to Jonah’s travels, the pair decided to call it quits in 2011. Jordan always seemed content and encouraging, but once she landed a steady job, dating an actor who frequently traveled proved difficult.