Life360 App: What Is It Exactly And Is It Safe For Use?

Life360 App

The American information technology business Life360 Inc. is situated in San Francisco, California, and offers location-based services to customers worldwide, including sharing and notifications. Its primary service is Life360, a 2008 family social networking software. It is a location-based service created primarily to make it possible for friends and family to share where they are.

Smartphone users can share their positions with one another using the Life360 family communication, location, and alert app. Once configured, Life360 enables the phone to act as the administrator to set geo-fences delineating specific areas. For instance, geo-fences can be used to monitor when family members arrive at or depart from places like work, school, or home.

Additionally, Life360 Driver Protect’s driving analysis is available through the application. BMW has integrated Life360 into its navigation systems, making integration in automobiles an option as well. The app provides reporting, crash detection, and emergency response while keeping an eye on designated drivers.

History About The Life360 App


Chris Hulls and Alex Haro launched Life360, which has subsequently raised $90 million in total funding, including money from Facebook and Google. The app was first made available in the Android market in 2008. Life360 received its initial investment in the form of a $275,000 prize as the 2008 Android Developer Challenge winner.

$5.5 million in a Series A round, $17 million in a Series B round, and $50 million in a Series C round made up the additional capital. The business attracted a total of 36 investors before going public, including Regal Funds Management, Sunstone Management, and several more.

In 2013, Life360 and BMW reached an agreement to integrate Life360’s location services with BMW vehicles’ navigation systems. With 34 million more registered users than Foursquare that same year, Life360 eventually surpassed it and achieved 40 million users.


Following Google’s announcement that their Google Latitude program would be shut down in August 2013, Life360 also noticed an uptick in user registration. Life360 declared in 2013 that its app would get international support.

Smartphones may now detect when individuals are involved in a car accident and automatically inform emergency services thanks to a function provided by Life360 in 2016. The couple, a Mountain View, California-based startup that graduated from Y Combinator, was purchased by Life360 in February 2016.

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Features Of The App Life360

The software serves as a social network for families and sets itself apart from similar services by not being based on peer groups or business networks like Find My Friends and LinkedIn. Users can contact for roadside assistance, send group messages, and share their positions. Location sharing, circles, places, and premium are its four key characteristics.

Life360 App

1. Sharing of Location

The app’s primary function is location sharing. When users start the app, they can instantly see where other members are. Users have the option to share or not share their location with a specific circle at a specific time.

2. Circles

The app’s newest feature, Circles, was made available on September 3, 2013. Within the program, Circles enables users to establish distinct groups, such as “John’s baseball team,” “caregivers,” and “extended family.”

Members of “caregivers” cannot see the whereabouts of users in “extended family” unless they are also in that circle, and users’ locations are only accessible to people who are already in the circle.

3. Places

Life360 App

Users of Life360 can set up geofences that notify them when someone enters or exits another location.

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4. Premium

Life360 is a freemium app that allows users to purchase additional features. These supplementary features include emergency roadside assistance (known as “Driver Protect”), access to a live advisor around-the-clock, unrestricted creation of “Places,” and stolen phone insurance.

5. Bubbles

After receiving harsh criticism, CEO Chris Hulls set up a TikTok account to start a conversation with teenagers. Life360 subsequently released Bubbles, a tool that lets users set a radius between 1 and 25 miles and a specified time period between 1 and 6 hours. This means that whilst safety and communications features continue to function, you won’t be able to see where others are in the Bubbles.

How Does Life360 App Work?

The Life360 app is made to support families in remaining safe and connected. It can be used to keep tabs on loved ones, get alerts when they require assistance and even locate them if they go missing.


Life360 has become one of the most well-known family safety apps accessible because of features like these. It is used by millions of people globally to connect and remain safe. Users can build a “circle” of relatives and friends using the app.

Anyone in your life with whom you wish to maintain contact can be a part of this circle, whether it be your partner, your children, or your parents. Here is a more comprehensive explanation of how the tracking software functions for users and circle members.

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Is Life360 App Safe For Me?

One of the most widely used family safety apps is called Life360. It’s simple to understand why this software is so well-liked given its capabilities, which include location monitoring, notifications, and emergency services.

The Life360 app includes everything you need to feel secure and in control, whether you’re traveling with young children or want to make sure that older family members are always okay. The versatility of Life360 is one of its best features.

Life360 App

It includes a website version so you can access it from any computer, and you can use it on your phone or tablet as well. Additionally, there are versions for both iOS and Android devices. There is no reason not to utilize Life360, whether you are at home or on the go! Register right now online.