My Happy Marriage Anime Will Come Out In July 2023.

My Happy Marriage Anime Will Come Out In July 2023.

My Happy Marriage anime will come out in July 2023.

The anime version of My Happy Marriage was announced in April 2022. The studio Kinema Citrus (Made in Abyss, Yuyushiki, and Shoujo Kageki) will make it.

On January 30, the first official trailer for the My Happy Marriage anime adaptation was posted on the Kadokawa Anime YouTube channel. This confirmed that the series would start in July 2023.

Production Staff Includes:

  • Director – Yudai Kubota
  • Setting/Supervisor – Takao Abo
  • Series Composition – Ami Sato, Yuji Onishi, Momoka Toyoda
  • Character Design – Shoko Yasuda
  • Art Director – Emi Katanosaka
  • Editing – Masayuki Kurosawa
  • Music by – Evan call
  • Music Supervisor – Takahiro Ikeda
  • Sound Director – Kisuke Koizumi

About the Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage is a romance and fantasy light novel series written by Akumi Agitogi and drawn by Tsukiho Tsukioka.


It has a Cinderella-like plot, with the main character Miyo being treated like a servant by her family and getting married to the cold and cruel military commander Kiyoka Kudou. Over time, Miyo learns that Kudou is actually a warm and kind-hearted man. This helps her get over her insecurities and rebuild her damaged self-esteem.

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On April 5, 2022, it was announced that the story would be turned into an anime. It turned out to be a TV show made by Kinema Citrus and directed by Takehiro Kubota. Takao Abo was in charge of supervision and storyboards, and Ami Sat, Takahito nishi, and Momoka Toyoda wrote the scripts.


Shko Yasuda designed the characters, and Evan Call wrote the music. The first episode of the show will air in July 2023.

Anime My Happy Marriage Plot

Fans have been swooning over this love story since it came out. The manga has done a great job of showing how beautiful the story is.

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It’s about a girl named Miyo Saimori, who can’t get her family’s powers and whose life is a struggle because of it. She was always sad because she couldn’t reach her full potential.

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But things changed when her family began to think about marrying her off to Kiyoka Kudo. Now, Kiyoka isn’t the best choice for a spouse. In fact, he is a very dangerous person.

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But after they get married, Kiyoka changes and shows him a side he had never seen before.

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So, the story is about how love can make things better no matter what. And with this series, we’ll find out what happens to their love.

Cast and Crew of the Anime My Happy Marriage

The Twitter announcement wasn’t just a simple statement. It gave the names of the voice actors, the crew, and everyone else who helped bring this vision to life. First of all, Takehiro Kubota is the anime’s director, so people will see it through his eyes.

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Several scriptwriters are working hard to make sure that every part of the show is just right.


Most of the scripts are written by Momoka Toyoda, Ami Sato, and Takehiro. On the other hand, the storyboards are given to Takao Abo. It is being made by Studio Kinema Citrus, just like many of its other successful series.

But who are the main characters in the touching anime? You can hear the voices of the two main voice actors for the series if you go to the original post. Any guesses? Well, reports say that Reina Uda will be giving Miyo Saimori’s voice, while Kaito Ishikawa is the best choice for Kiyoka Kuda.

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We don’t know who will join the cast yet, but we do know that the best people in the business will be hired.