Sarah Herron of “bachelor Nation” and Her Fiance Dylan Brown Say Their Son Oliver Died “in His Dad’s Arms.”

Sarah Herron of

Sarah Herron is inconsolable at the death of her baby, who she gave birth to when she was only 24 weeks along.

The 36-year-old former contestant on “The Bachelor” broke her silence on the death of her infant son on Wednesday with a devastating post.

She began the caption, “On January 28th, at 24 weeks of age, our darling boy Oliver Brown was born.” It wasn’t long before he died in his father’s arms.


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With her hand next to hers, Herron’s fiance Dylan Brown kisses the new mother’s forehead in a heartwarming shot from the couple’s wedding carousel.

Her photo album chronicled the highlights of her pregnancy, from swimming with sea turtles to a vacation to the beach to a snuggle with her dog. There’s a final image of Brown kissing Herron on the forehead as she sobs in a hospital bed.

“The extent of our grief and suffering is beyond description. In equal parts beautiful and heartbreaking, “The scribe put pen to paper.

Herron noted that Oliver inherited his good looks from both his parents: “He had my nose and his dad’s jaw and long fingers.”

She thought back to some of her favorite times when Oliver was there and said, “Oliver swam with sea turtles, helped me get better after I broke my knee, and loved his dad’s cooking. The thing Oliver liked most about his morning routine was sitting on my lap with his brother Rio.”

Herron went on to say, “While our hearts are broken beyond comprehension, we are comforted by the fact that our son’s soul only knew love and won’t have to suffer in a body that wasn’t made for this life.”

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Before putting my name on the note, “Herron said, “Mommy and Daddy, we’ll never understand how cruel it all is, but Oliver is still so bright in the dark.” Baby boy, we love you so much. No one will ever be as good as you. You are so awesome and perfect.”

She told PERSONS at the time, “We are overjoyed to hear that our most recent embryo transfer was successful and that I am pregnant with a boy. We are still early in the first trimester, but since I have been so open about my fertility journey with my community, it is important to me that I keep my faith.”

“Dylan and I know that the road ahead is long, but we’re cautiously optimistic. We are so thankful to our fertility doctor, Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, for helping make this happen “she kept talking. “We have done three rounds of egg retrieval and one embryo transfer, which resulted in a chemical pregnancy in 2021.”