Is Chloe Fineman Married To Casey Thomas Brown Her Best Friend?

Who Is Chloe Fineman Dating

Chloe Fineman is experienced in the comedic field. She works as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

When she announced that she was getting married to Casey Thomas Brown, her best friend, two things happened. One: The majority of places and journalists treated her seriously. Two: The entire time, everyone believed he was her boyfriend.

The fact that Brown was Fineman’s boyfriend made sense, to be honest. They had a good rapport. They are together a good deal of the time. And let’s face it, they do look stunning when they are together. There was only one minor snag: Brown is gay.

Fineman eventually made things plain.

She said, “My ‘fiancé’ is my homosexual closest friend Casey in Montana, but I’m with my boyfriend,” when asked if she was quarantined with her “fiancé.” In the previous title, Brown was referenced. Despite Fineman’s best efforts, it appears that not everyone heard what she had to say.

Who Is Chloe Fineman Dating?

Who Is Chloe Fineman Dating

As of January 2023, Chloe Fineman is in a relationship. Chloe was asked if she finds it difficult to make humor in such situations back in 2020 during the epidemic in an interview with the Washington Post, to which she responded: It is evident from her statement that Chloe is no longer single. She allegedly remains in a relationship as of 2023.

In a following interview with Bustle in February 2022, the comic brought up her boyfriend, mentioning how he disapproved of her wearing hair extensions. The actress hasn’t told her followers who she is dating, although admitting that she did so two years ago, since she loves to keep her private life secret.

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Is Chloe Fineman ‘Married’ Her Best Friend?

Chloe Fineman announced on Instagram that she was getting married to her best friend Casey on March 22, 2020. She captioned her picture, “Tomorrow I’m going to marry my best friend and the love of my life @shartyparty69 on Instagram live.” They were going to do a ceremony in person, the comedian said, but “everyone declined to come.”

Who Is Chloe Fineman Dating

However, the news left several people perplexed because they weren’t sure if Fineman was joking or not. Finman spoke with Vulture. She said they were just having fun and that her best friend is gay. She further stated that she shared an apartment with her lover. It was

just about figuring out how to get through the monotony of quarantine, she claimed. Colin Jost, a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” with Fineman, really got married to Scarlett Johansson during the COVID-19 epidemic.


On “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the Marvel actor stated, “Even though it was small and private, it was wonderful.” Although it is unknown at this time whether Fineman will soon be getting married, given her playful nature, it doesn’t seem entirely unlikely that her future weddings will be broadcast live on Instagram.

The “Fake Marriage” of Chloe and Casey

During the fake wedding ceremony, the pair was spotted wearing odd attire. Chloe shocked everyone by donning a toilet paper-made veil! She successfully carried off the wedding prank with the aid of Casey Brown, her best friend.

Her fans found the video chat to be excellent fun. The audience roared with laughter and applauded Chloe for her daring. Chloe’s frequent communication with her fans won over the crowd.

Who Is Chloe Fineman Dating

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Chloe does comedic routines on stage and in front of a camera, like all other comedians, but unlike any other comedian out there, she also uses social media to entertain her audience and pulls off pranks to surprise her online audience.