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When Does Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 Release Date?

When Does Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 Release Date?

Tatsunori Fujimoto drew Chainsaw Man, a shonen manga. One such tale that has piqued viewers’ interest is the one about Chainsaw Man. The most recent manga series, Chainsaw Man, is incredibly popular among the fans. What to expect from Chainsaw Man Chapter 120, including the raw scan, spoiler, release date, and countdown, will be discussed in this post.

Reddit Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 Prediction Spoiler

The first explanation is that Asa didn’t make an effort to turn Denji into a weapon. Asa exercised control when she created the pair’s most potent weapon to date out of a uniform her mother had given her, whereas Yoru typically has control of their body during combat.

This would imply that Asa must be in charge and decide whether to make a weapon out of a loved one rather than Yoru being able to do so using Asa’s family members or possessions.

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Another possible explanation is that Yoru did not call Denji Chainsaw Man when attempting to convert him. We learn that Denji wants to be known as Chainsaw Man and is actively attempting to reveal his true identity in the few chapters where the focus is put back on him. He even went so far as to tell Asa who he really was, but she didn’t trust him and engaged in combat with him.

This could mean that the War Devil team won’t be able to change Denji until they figure out who he really is or accept that he was giving them the truth all along.

Release Date for Chainsaw Man Chapter 120

On February 7, 2023, Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 will be published. Every month, the first week of Jump Square’s magazine, the manga is released.

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It gains a lot of fan bases when only a few chapters are released and quickly becomes quite popular. The Chapter 120 release date has been set for next month, on the 7th of February 2023.

Chainsaw Man Manga Characters

Denji: the main lead character of the Chainsaw Man manga series, whose life changes when he comes in contact with a dog like Devil Pochita, and he gains the ability to change his body parts into chainsaws.

Later he joined the agency Public Safety Devil Hunters, which specialized in fighting Devil. Denji is voiced by KikunosukeToya.

Makima: who TomoriKusunoki voices, and the female character of Chainsaw Man, who is mysterious and head of Public Safety Devil Hunters, make Danji a human pet. She has a very cunning, intelligent, manipulative, and controlling nature.

Aki Hayakawa: voiced by Shogo Sakata, who is working under Makima in Public Safety Devil Hunters, has a contract with Curse devil and fox devil and later gets a contract with future Devil, which allows him to see the future for a few seconds.

Power: The voice actor of power is Fairouz Ai, Power also belongs to Makima’s squad and is a woman with long black hair and short Red horns. She is a bit childish and loves violence, and he is always self-motivated and enjoys hurting others.

Exactly Where Can I Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 Online?

On the official website of Viz Media, you may read Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 in addition to all the series’ prior and upcoming chapters. Additionally, the series’ anime version has been made available. Comic books never get boring, just like manga series. It can be relaxing to read comic books.

Throughout the shutdown, the Manga series saw enormous growth in popularity. Nowadays, more Manga series are read by people.

The Manga’s Previous Chapter Dealt with What Happened.

Denji and Asa were kind of trapped on a date when the previous chapter ended. They watch movies in a room for a large portion of the day. When Asa claims that she merely asked Denji out on a date as a form of diversion, Denji wonders if Asa doesn’t like him because he stinks.

When Denji inquires about whether or not he should stop sleeping with the dogs, Asa leans in to kiss him, providing one of Chainsaw Man Part 2’s most endearing scenes.

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