Did Donna Edwards Recovery from Her Illness? Here’s Her Illness and Health Update

Did Donna Edwards Recovery from Her Illness?
Did Donna Edwards Recovery from Her Illness?Democratic National Convention in Times Warner Cable Arena Thursday, September 6, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Harry E. Walker/MCT via Getty Images)

Donna Fern Edwards, an American politician who was born on June 28, 1958, represented Maryland’s 4th congressional district from 2008 to 2017. The district covered most of Prince George’s County and part of Anne Arundel County. She supports the Democratic Party.

Early Life, Education and Career

Edwards was born in Yanceyville, North Carolina. He attended a private school before beginning his profession. Being one of just six black women in her class of 1980, she graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.A. in both Spanish and English.


She completed her J.D. at the Franklin Pierce Law Center in 1989 after working for Lockheed Corporation at the Goddard Space Flight Center with the Spacelab program (now known as the University of New Hampshire School of Law).

In the 1980s, while Edwards was a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, Albert Wynn hired Edwards as a clerk.

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Multiple Sclerosis Is Disclosed by A Former House Democrat In a Healthcare Request

In an opinion piece pleading with Congress to protect healthcare coverage for those with pre-existing diseases, a former Democratic member of the House describes her struggle with multiple sclerosis.

Donna Edwards, a former Maryland congresswoman, expressed concern that she wouldn’t be able to afford the almost $100,000 in annual medical expenses.


  • Edwards wrote Friday in The Washington Post, “But I ask that once you finish doing whatever it is that you are doing with healthcare, you remember that I was one of your coworkers, that I worked hard, and that I don’t have a preexisting condition because I was a nasty person who led an unhealthy life.
  • I have a preexisting condition just because I do, and I, like millions of other Americans in the same boat, deserve high-quality, reasonably priced health care, she added.
  • Edwards claimed that her doctor called her to inform her of the MS diagnosis in June 2016 while she was participating in a sit-in on the House floor. The former representative from Maryland likened the uncertainties she now faces with the publicity she had when serving in Congress.
  • “After a year, I am no longer a member of Congress, and the future of my health care is uncertain. I pay $800 per month for COBRA coverage, which expires in June 2018, even though I am unemployed. When that happens, I’m not sure what I’ll do, Edwards said.
  • Edwards stated that the reason she decided to run for public office was that she nearly lost her home due to unforeseen medical expenses while she was uninsured, and she also added that she wanted to ensure that “no one would have to go through that.”
  • The former senator defended ObamaCare as a decent starting point that, while not perfect, is nonetheless an improvement over previous healthcare systems.
  • During a three-month road trip, Edwards, a candidate for the Senate in April 2016 who lost, claimed she spoke to numerous Americans around the nation who voiced worry about being able to pay medical care.
  • Like them, Edwards admitted that she was afraid and that she was concerned that one day she could have to sell her house or use her retirement funds for medical expenses.
  • She makes this request as Senate GOP leaders attempt to hasten the passage of a vote on the new Senate healthcare bill now that the Fourth of July break is winding down. Republican opposition and unpredictability regarding the legislation that repeals and replaces important aspects of ObamaCare initially caused a delay in the vote.

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Health and Illness of Donna Edwards

The lawmaker from Maryland received a multiple sclerosis diagnosis in July 2017. The immune system eats away at the nerves’ protective coverings to cause this kind of sickness. Donna is healthy and recovering from her condition as of 2022.