Where Is Dr. Emily Thomas Currently Live? Why Did She Quit Dr. Pol?

Where Is Dr. Emily Thomas Currently Live?

The American veterinarian and TV personality are one of the most memorable faces on the reality show The Incredible Dr. Pol. The good doctor was not one of the show’s original cast members, but she joined the show in 2015 and was a welcome addition until she left in 2019. What happened to Emily Thomas? 

Why did Dr. Emily Thomas, DVM, stop working at Dr. Pol?

After 95 episodes of The Incredible Dr. Pol, Dr. Emily decided it was time to leave the show. She quit because she was overworked and didn’t get much or any pay for it.

She was also a mother, a vet, and in a reality TV show. It was hard for her to keep all of these things going at the same time.


Dr. Emily put her family first in the end and decided to leave the show for good, even though she was a fan favorite. But Dr. Emily tweeted that fans can still see her work in Dr. Pol’s veterinary clinic for 7 more episodes.

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Where Is Dr. Emily Thomas Currently Live?

Emily, her husband, and their three young children left Michigan’s villages after the show ended and drove more than 600 miles to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. From what she’s posted on social media, it looks like the vet is working in another vet clinic.


The posts also give the impression of freedom and a more manageable schedule. She goes on many adventures with her family, including exploring the woods and climbing mountains in her free time. The experienced doctor started a blog where she talks about different parts of her life, like work, family, and hobbies like painting.

Her blog talks about her crazy work experiences with clients, the interesting places she visits late at night, and the problems in her family. She also has video blogs where she talks to fans and other people, answers questions about her work, and talks about family and relationships.

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How Dr. Emily Got Famous?

After Emily graduated from high school in 2010, she did an internship at a well-known company in the animal field, where she studied how horses have babies. She also worked in a small private facility in South Carolina before moving to the Rosebush community in Michigan in February 2014 to work with Dr. Jan Pol. 


This job also put her in the spotlight on TV in The Incredible Dr. Pol, which airs on the Nat Geo Wild channel.

There isn’t much information about how much Dr. Emily Thomas is worth. But it’s clear that Emily has made enough money to pay for her activities and projects while she’s not watching TV. She is a professional vet, but a big part of her wealth comes from her appearance on the popular TV show.

An Inside Look at Dr. Emily’s Life


Emily is happy to be married to Tony Thomas, her high school sweetheart. Both went to Huston County High School, where they met. On May 12, 2007, they got married. He is a good husband because he helps Emily with different parts of her career.

This couple has three children. The first baby, a girl, is named India and was born on September 5, 2012. Oscar was born on August 27th, 2014. Calvin is the youngest and he was born in 2017. The doctor’s Twitter page is full of photos of the whole family having fun together.

Death of Dr. Emily Thomas: Rumors or Reality?


We are pleased to state that any reports regarding Dr. Emily’s demise are untrue. She is fully functional. She now works in a less demanding profession and has a YouTube vlog series. 

She wrote about being suicidal because to the stress of working at Dr. Pol’s clinic in an article posted on her blog, dremilythomasvet.com, which may have started the rumors about her death.