What’s the ‘F74’ Tik Tok Trend? What Caused The ‘F74’ Trend And Is It Real?

What's the F74 Tik Tok Trend?

The F74 or Floor 74 TikTok challenge is one of the most recent online trends that are making people nervous. But what does it mean?

There are a lot of trends on TikTok, from harmless beauty tips to dangerous challenges that experts warn people not to do.

Some trends, like the “angel cut with layers” tip, are surprisingly useful, but others have no use other than to scare people online.

The latest creepy trend that has gone viral on the social media app is said to take people to another world while they sleep. Here is all the information you need.

What is the F74 trend on TikTok?

The F74, also called Floor 74, is a TikTok trend that is said to have started in Japan and take you to a parallel world while you sleep.

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The goal of the challenge is to make it back from your trip to another dimension because if you don’t, you’ll be stuck in the parallel dimension forever.

The F74 trend is said to have been going on for years on the short-form video app, but it has only recently gone viral.

How to take the F74 challenge on TikTok

To take part, you need to write F74 on your wrist with a red marker before you go to sleep. The challenge says that after some time, you will wake up in a dream in a long, dark hallway with many doors.

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Supposedly, you will also hear creepy voices following you, but you can’t look back. Only one door will have F74 written on it, and you need to go through it to get out of the nightmare and wake up in the same state you were in when you went to sleep.

If you don’t find the door within 10 hours, you will be taken to a white room with no way out. No matter how hard you try, you will be stuck there forever.

As scary as the F74 challenge sounds, many users have said it’s not real because they’ve woken up to their normal lives at the end of the challenge.