Are Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule Are Still Dating? Parker Schnabel Dating Rumors

Are Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule Are Still Dating?

The 24-year-old was recently rumored to have broken up with his girlfriend of the time, Ashley Yule. Don’t take everything you hear at face value; verify its veracity first. Relax, because you’ve found the ideal spot to get your questions answered.

Parker Schnabel has a new girlfriend, but let’s back up and discuss his breakup with Ashley Yule and his past dates first.

Who Is Parker Schnabel Dating In 2023?

Fans of Parker Schnabel want to know if their favorite celebrity is dating again after his public and true breakup with the nurse. It seems like the 27-year-old is in a relationship. Find out who Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend is. You can’t do it since she isn’t a famous person.


This is Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend, British model Sheena Cowell. The gold miner posted a revealing photo of the British singer Sheena Cowell on August 13. People think she works for Knickerbocker glory TV and is a gold miner.

An Instagram snapshot of Brit Sheen Cowell and Parker Schnabel has led to rumors that she is Schnabel’s new girlfriend. However, the gold miner has not yet revealed the woman to the general public, so we cannot be certain.

Parker Schnabel may have found a new lover in Brit Sheena Cowell, or she may just be a friend. To the extent that she is, in fact, his girlfriend, we hope they wind up getting married soon. Nonetheless, we’re crossing our fingers that the Gold Rush star would confirm this as soon as possible so that we can fill you in on the details of their romance.

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Parker Schnabel Relationships, Breakups, and Ex-Partners

This is going to be about his breakup with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle. Parker has endured a lot of hardships despite his considerable wealth. He also understands what it’s like to love and to lose.


Schnabel disclosed the costs of his early wealth in an interview with The Times. The price paid was a relationship. “Work has taken up a significant portion of my time. For a period of a few years, I was in a committed relationship. It didn’t work out that way. Said Schnabel.

To What Extent Do Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule Still Date?

His grandpa, Gold Mine John Schnabel, blessed, if not foretold, his dating success. In his final moments, he assured his 96-year-old grandson that he would have a reliable caregiver.

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Parker Schnabel and his current girlfriend, Ashley Yule, met after he passed away. Australia’s queen practices veterinary medicine. You now understand why Parker Schnabel, who met her in Australia, brought her to the United States and Canada. On Gold Rush, Ashley Yule was a regular for two years.

It was her boyfriend who suggested they do a show together.

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Schnabel never stopped gushing over his queen, and there were no brawls in public.

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The news of Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule’s split shocked their fans. Contrary to popular belief, he did not place the blame on his ex. He had neglected the veterinary nurse in her time of need because he was preoccupied with gold mining and the show.

In other words, Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule broke up because of John Schnabel’s grandson.

Who is Ashley Yule, anyway?

Gold Rush on Discovery Channel launched Ashley Yule’s career as a reality TV star in the United States. But the fact that she used to date reality star Parker Schnabel has propelled her to fame.

She had been featured in more than 25 episodes. She got the part because of Parker, the show’s producer and ex-boyfriend.

The Private Life of Parker Schnabel

Dating the Australian vet tech Ashley Youle was a priority for Parker Schnabel. They were both featured on the show because of their time spent working in the Klondike. Two years of marriage ended in December 2018 when Parker made the announcement.

According to rumors from early 2019, he has been seeing Sheena Cowell, the show’s assistant producer. He freely acknowledges that his work as a miner takes precedence over his personal life.

For more than $950,000, he was able to buy the magnificent mansion in Alaska that had always been his dream. In January 2017, Parker upset his fan base by announcing on Facebook that he was about to disclose his baby to the world, only to later discover that the “baby” in question was actually his new puppy.