Are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Stay Living Together? Did their Breakup?


Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s relationship is a significant part of pop culture history, even though it ended many years ago. Anderson was a Baywatch star, and Lee was the drummer for Mötley Crüe.

After all, Pamela and Tommy’s relationship was the subject of intense media scrutiny for a variety of reasons.

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Read on to find out how their relationship has progressed despite the difficulties they’ve faced.

Exactly when Did Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee First Meet?

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On New Year’s Eve 1994, the Playboy model and the singer met at the trendy Hollywood club Sanctuary.

Are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Stay Living Together?

After dating for six weeks, Pamela and Tommy finally embarked on their first date—a vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

Tommy was previously married to Elaine Starchuk and Melrose Place actress Heather Locklear from 1986 to 1993 before he met the Home Improvement star.

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Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s Married in What Year?

The newlyweds chose to be hitched after only four days of dating when they were in Mexico.

Are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Stay Living Together?

Before the day was done, we had donated blood, located a marriage license, and wedded on the beach. We decided against getting wedding bands and instead had tattoos of each other’s names around our fingers,” Tommy wrote in his book The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Famous Rock Band.

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Pamela and Tommy had just been dating for four days when they got married, and she had no idea of Tommy’s last name or where he lived.

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For how Long Did Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Stay Together?

The marriage between Pamela Anderson of Baywatch and Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe lasted three years.

On December 31st, 1995, they met in a nightclub when, as Pam recalled in an interview with Movieline, “Tommy walked up, grabbed me, and licked my face.”

Are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Stay Living Together?

In her words, she “felt he was a cool, pleasant, decent guy” and provided him her contact information.

They tied the knot on February 19, 1995, but on February 28, 1998, they were officially divorced because Tommy had been accused of domestic violence and child abuse.

When Did Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee End Their Relationship?

Are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Stay Living Together?

Pamela filed for divorce from Tommy in 1998, citing an incident of domestic violence. Having pled no contest to felony spousal abuse, the father of two (the Canada native’s boys Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger) was arrested and given a six-month prison term.

Do Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson have children?

Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee, who was born to Pam and Tommy in 1996 and 1997, respectively, are now 26 and 25 years old.

In 2019, Brandon appeared in the relaunch of The Hills, and his well-known mother made a memorable TV return with her son.

He currently works as a model and actor, much like his younger brother Dylan, who has done work for Hugo Boss, Armani, and Saint Laurent.

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