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How to Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

How to Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

For a long time, social media users have been quite concerned about their privacy. It’s important to users that they have some say over who sees what they post on Facebook, and the platform has provided them with a number of tools to do just that, including the ability to disable the friends tracking feature, remove photos, and block contacts via Messenger.

Although there may not be a dedicated setting for determining who blocked you on Facebook, there are simple workarounds available. Who has seen my Facebook profile? is a common enough curiosity that you are not alone in having it? Because it would be helpful to know if a future employer or an ex-lover is checking out your profile. Does it mean it’s not possible?

Will Facebook Show Me Who Has Viewed My Profile?

You can’t check who has been looking at your Facebook profile, unfortunately. On its Help page, under the heading “Does Facebook allow you to see who has been looking at your profile? “, you will find the official policy that “No, Facebook does not enable people to track who has been looking at their profile.”

During the brief time, this feature was available, users could monitor their page’s traffic by seeing who had viewed their most recent postings and who had visited during the previous 30 days. Forget about picking that alternative; it’s out of the question now.

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Is There a Way to Track My Facebook Profile’s Visitors with An App?

Users may resort to installing a third-party software or browser extension to monitor profile views because Facebook does not provide this functionality by default. Griffith, though, recommends against using any third-party programs or browser add-ons that purport to reveal who has viewed your Facebook profile.

To paraphrase what Griffith says, “Facebook doesn’t want third-party apps to allow this and even urges that consumers report any apps that do.” When thinking about your privacy, keep in mind that if the app could scrape that information, what else might it be scraping? They are almost certainly taking some of your data if they can get their hands on it.

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Is There a Way I Can Access My Personal Data and Find out Who Has Been Looking at My Facebook Profile?

There is a widely circulated “hack” that claims to reveal your profile’s visitors by examining the page’s HTML source code. Websites advertising this exploit claim that visitors’ profile IDs can be viewed. Ulanoff warns that you can’t be sure that the accounts and numbers you see are from people who actually looked at your profile; they might just as easily be friends or acquaintances you already have on Facebook or Messenger.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that you could compromise your computer by attempting this attack. Griffith claims that his “browser is bringing up security messages” due to the sites that promote these exploits. Avoid making it simple for scammers to obtain your information on Facebook.

Facebook Shouldn’t Be Restricting Your Access to This Data.

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