Are Dorothy and Ari Still Together? Is Dorothy Wang Still Dating Ari Kourkoumelis?

Are Dorothy and Ari Still Together?

Dorothy Wang and Ari Kourkoumelis: Still Together? According to Bling Empire: New York, wealthy heiress Dorothy Wang got entangled with Ari Kourkoumelis in the Bahamas. Not hearing anything new about them after the first season finale of their reality program has left fans scared that they may have parted ways.

On January 20, 2023, Netflix debuted Bling Empire: New York, a docuseries about affluent Asians in the Big Apple. She just became 35 years old; her birthday is January 27, 1988. Dorothy is an outgoing person who enjoys social events, traveling, and wearing costumes.

Her real estate investments, TV appearances, and Dorothy Wang Jewelry line have helped her amass an estimated $10 million in wealth.

Where and When Did Dorothy Wang and Ari Kourkoumelis Meet?

Dorothy was on an excursion, and Ari was in the Bahamas for his mom’s birthday, when they happened to cross paths. Since Dorothy was in the Bahamas during the first week of March 2022, we can estimate the date. Dorothy claimed that she pushed up her departure by a day so she could be with him. They were still in touch once they had both arrived in New York.

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Dorothy gushed over Ari, saying, “It’s so nice” and “He’s like a sweet little angel.” She realized that it was different with Ari than it had been with other men. According to Dorothy, despite their infatuation, they never had the “status” conversation.

No one ever took the time to articulate who or what they were becoming or how they would handle their differences.

Does Anyone Know if Dorothy and Ari Are Still Together?

The truth is that Dorothy and Ari’s current condition is somewhat unclear, especially considering that season 1 of “Bling Empire: New York” wrapped filming around March/April 2022. That’s because, to the best of our knowledge, Dorothy hasn’t posted any photos of them together on social media since then, and they don’t appear to have ever interacted with one another online.

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Though attorney Ari’s profile is currently set to private, we were able to ascertain that, despite the fact that she does not follow him, he does follow her. So, considering all they went through, and the fact that we’re hopeless romantics until Dorothy or Ari say otherwise, we’ll assume that her efforts to keep him off of her online account were deliberate to avoid spoilers for the program.

This means that we believe Dorothy and Ari are still together.

The Journey of Dorothy and Ari

Dorothy moved to New York from California at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. Ari, on the other hand, is a first-generation orthodox Greek American who was born and raised in the Queens area of The Empire State. But they met for the first time in the Bahamas.

She was on a Girls + Abbie trip, and he was there for his mother’s birthday. Even though she was the one who casually approached him and a friend at a bar, it was for her best friend Tina Leung and not for herself—she wasn’t even thinking along those lines.