Is Blake Lively Pregnant Again with Her Fourth Child? Is She Going to Be a Mother for The Fourth Time??


This September was the tenth anniversary of Blake Lively, 35, and Ryan Reynolds, 45, who have been together since they met. A second pregnancy for Blake! The popular “It” couple in Hollywood is expanding their family with a fourth member, as Blake revealed in an Instagram post.

Blake appeared on the red carpet just a few days before her post, and her baby bump was clearly visible.

Pictures taken during the Forbes Power Women’s Summit on September 15 show a radiant Blake, her baby belly prominently shown in a shimmering minidress. During the meeting, Blake appeared to hint at the possibility that she was pregnant.

The Baby’s Name May Have Already Been Disclosed, According to Some Fans.

As previously stated, Taylor has admitted to using the children of Blake and Ryan as inspiration for song titles. (Her song “Betty,” and subsequent songs in which the names “James” and “Inez” are mentioned, will stick in your mind.) As a result, listeners of “You’re On Your Own Kid” believe Taylor has given yet another indication.

Is Blake Lively Pregnant Again with Her Fourth Child?

I selected the petals, he loves me not/ Something different bloomed, writing in my room/ I play my songs in the parking lot/ I see the great escape, so long, Daisy May,” Taylor sings. Is this a clue what the baby’s name is going to be… Daisy May?

Prior to the release of her record, her admirers recognized similarities in the hints she, Blake, and Ryan had been giving. The question was posed on Twitter, “With all the flower references I’ve been seeing from Taylor, Blake, and Ryan socials, are we getting a song with a flower reference or a floral-esque title like ‘petals falling,’ ‘daisy,’ ‘roots,’ or something???” “Idk just spitballing here,” a fan said on Twitter.

And when word got out that Daisy May was mentioned, folks lost their minds. If Blake and Ryan have a girl next time around, some Swifties think they might consider naming her Daisy May.

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Just What Has Blake Said About the Pregnancy, if Anything?

With the exception of her Instagram pregnancy announcement, Blake hasn’t revealed much about baby #4.

Is Blake Lively Pregnant Again with Her Fourth Child?

Blake told Marie Claire in 2016 that she and Ryan prefer for their children to have a “normal childhood” by staying out of the public eye. It’s understandable that they’d like to keep this under wraps for the time being.

The Couple Has Already Stated Their Preference for A Son.

While Ryan has expressed his contentment with his three daughters, a source close to the couple told Us Weekly that they are “hoping for a boy” with their fourth child.

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Is Blake Lively Pregnant Again with Her Fourth Child?r

Naturally, they just want a healthy baby of whichever gender.

Because of the two-year gap between their children, “the time is excellent,” as the insider put it. They’re following the established norm.

Now It Looks Like Ryan Wants Another Girl.

Ryan went on the TODAY Show on November 7 to talk about his new movie Spirited with Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer.

Ryan said that they didn’t know the gender of their children until they were born when they were asked about the baby. He said, “I know girls, so I kind of hope that, but I’m ready for anything.”

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