Has Spencer Died? Is Brendan Sklenar Leaving 1923?

Has Spencer Died? Is Brendan Sklenar Leaving 1923?

Since 1923 is based on Yellowstone, it wouldn’t be shocking if a major figure like Spencer Dutton perished in the upcoming season. The original film’s ensemble cast comprises some of the most famous actors in film history, thus the spinoff can afford to leave some of them out.

Furthermore, a jaguar may ambush Spencer and kill him if he is not careful; Spencer still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of his experience in the military.

Finally, viewers are left wondering what happened to Spencer Dutton after the 1923 pilot episode ended on a cliffhanger.

In this article, we’ll talk about Spencer Dutton’s death and a lot more about him as a character.

In 1923, Spencer Dutton died.

Even though it seems likely that the jaguar killed Spencer, it seems unlikely that 1923 will kill off such a major character at this point in the series. Brandon Sklenar, who plays Spencer in 1923, is one of the actors in the prequel series’ introduction sequence.

According to IMDB, Spencer Dutton appears in each of the eight episodes that make up the first season of 1923. A promotional video for 1923 also says that Spencer’s appearance in the pilot episode won’t be the last time he’s on the show.

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Spencer could die sometime in 1923. Yes, it’s possible, but the end of every Dutton case in 1923 hasn’t been decided yet. People who have watched Yellowstone for a long time know that death can happen at the worst possible times in the Sheridanverse.

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Does Brendan Sklenar Plan to Leave 1923?

Spencer’s fate is left hanging at the end of Season 5 Episode 5. When the tugboat hits the phantom ship, we watch him fighting for his life. Elsa Dutton, the story’s narrator, adds that Spencer’s return trip may very well be his last. As a result, it is implied in the narration that Spencer would death on the voyage.


There is little chance, though, that Spencer will be murdered without any warning. The tale can’t move further without Spencer coming to Montana.