What Was the Reason Behind the Death of Former WWE Star Lanny Poffo? The Tragic Death of Wrestling Legend

What Was the Reason Behind the Death of Former WWE Star Lanny Poffo?

Professional wrestler Lanny Poffo was a Canadian-American who was best known as “Leaping” Lanny Poffo or The Genius in the ring.

Early Life of Lanny Boffo

He was born on December 28, 1954, and died at the age of 68 on February 2, 2023. The wrestler’s first job was with the All-South Wrestling Alliance in 1974.

He and his father, Angelo Poffo, won a Tag-Team Championship. Randy Savage’s younger brother, Poffo, was a wrestler whose best moment was beating Hulk Hogan. Randy Savage died in 2002.


People started calling Lanny Poffo “The Genius” because he fought other wrestlers while wearing a graduation cap and gown.

Lanny Poffo was born into a family of professional wrestlers. His father, the late great Angelo Poffo, was also a wrestler.

The Career of Lanny Poffo:

Poffo stayed with WWE until 1992, when he left to work for a rival promotion, World Championship Wrestling, from 1995 to 1999. He kept working in his field well into his sixties. According to Cagematch, he wrestled his last match for Survival Championship Wrestling in Rensselaer, New York, in January 2020.

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“Lanny Poffo was one of the first high-flyers in WWE. He and his brother “Leaping” joined in 1985,” WWE said. “Even though he was a crowd favorite when he read poetry and threw Frisbees to the crowd, he reached new heights as The Genius while managing Mr. Perfect. WWE’s sympathies go out to Poffo’s family, friends, and fans.”

What Caused Lanny Poffo’s Death?

The cause of death has not been revealed yet. When wrestling star Bobby Fulton heard the news, he tweeted, “I’m very sorry to hear about Lanny Poffo’s death! “Prayers for his family, friends, and supporters,” someone said.


  • “In an age of bodybuilder men who specialized in punches and kicks and yelling threats, the ones who did things differently stood out,” a fan tweeted. Lanny Poffo, who could jump high, is one of the players I remember most.
  • “I’ve always wanted to catch one of those frisbees that has a poem on it. RIP.” “I’m sorry to hear about Lanny Poffo’s death,” said professional wrestling host Phil Strum. He was nice to me when we talked, had a great attitude, and loved his family.

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Tributes to Lanny Poffo:

“Damn, I just heard that Lanny Poffo, aka “The Genius” from the old WWF days, died. I’m sure his brother Randy is waiting for him at the pearly gates,” another fan tweeted. RIP.” Randy “Macho Man” Savage, his brother, was a famous wrestler who fought alongside Hulk Hogan and Andre, The Giant. Savage, whose real name was Randall Poffo, won many world titles. He died in May 2011 at the age of 58.


He was traveling with his wife near Seminole, Florida when he had a heart attack and stopped responding. He then lost control of his Jeep Wrangler and crashed into a tree.

Poffo would later say that ten days before Savage died, he had asked him to spread the ashes of his dog in the same place. “Macho” told Poffo that he wanted him to remember that spot because that’s where he wanted his ashes to be dumped when he died.

Questions Often Asked

1.) Did Lanny Poffo Have a Spouse?


2.) So, Who Exactly Was Lanny Poffo?

A Canadian-American professional wrestler, he was an inspirational leader.

2.) When Did Lanny Poffo Enter the World?

A native of the United States, he entered the world on December 28th, 1954.

4.) How Much Money Did Lanny Poffo Have in The Bank?

His personal wealth amounted to $800,000.

5.) When He Died, Lanny Poffo Was What Age?

Age-wise, he was 68.