Who Is Margot Robbie Dating These Days? Is Margot Robbie Now Dating Anyone

Who Is Margot Robbie Dating These Days?

The true explanation is more convoluted than it first appears.

Despite a bogus TMZ claim from the Blue Jays, she is neither dating White Sox infielder Leury Gracia nor Bears rookie linebacker Jack Sanborn. Apparently, it was all a farce, at least according to the sports media.

There was a report on the Gate 14 podcast that “Toronto Blue Jays ace Mitch White is dating A-list Actress Margot Robbie.” To mock A-list actresses’ relationships with strange athletes, numerous posts have been replicated using other personalities and actors.

Does Anyone Know if Margot Robbie Is Married?

On December 18th, 2016, Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie tied the knot in a formal ceremony in Coorabell. But at first, Margot is hesitant to tell anybody about her connection with Tom behind his back; she later explains, “We kept it a secret because we weren’t taking it seriously.

You know what they say: “Oh, whatever, we’re just buddies, we’re just mates.”


She also announced their nuptials by kissing Tom in her wedding gown and displaying her diamond engagement ring. Margot would love to start a family with him someday, but they currently don’t have any children.

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Is Margot Robbie Now Dating Anyone or Has She Dated Before?

Even though Margot Robbie is currently married to Tom Ackerley, her dating history nonetheless provides a fascinating insight into the celebrity’s storied past.

There were rumors that she was dating Henry Aitken in 2014, two years before they got married.

They started having an affair again after they were spotted together in London on April 14.

In 2015, she also dated actor Alexander Skarsgard.

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There were rumors that “Margot and Alexander looked like a couple.” Although they were no longer a couple, their friendship endured for quite some time. And some sources claim she was also caught dating Leonardo DiCaprio.