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Blue Lock Episode 18 Release Date And Time Is Officially Confirmed: Where to Watch and Release Date

Blue Lock Episode 18 Release Date And Time Is Officially Confirmed:

On February 12 at 1:30 am JST, TV Asahi will air episode 18 of Blue Lock. Only in a few countries will you be able to watch the anime on Netflix instead of Crunchyroll, but the service will be available everywhere else.

In the previous episode, we witnessed Reo’s team easily defeat Isagi. Isagi wanted to be ahead of the rest of his squad, so he chose to eat Barou since he wouldn’t work with them. Because of this, Isagi and Nagi were able to help bring their team back into the game. Chigiri, on the other hand, was instrumental in regaining the lead for his squad.

Synopsis of Episode 18 of Blue Lock

Given how great the buildup has been, the resolution better be equally impressive. The sensible answer Yoichi and Nagi gave to Barou’s foolish football style drove him to the point of despair, therefore it’s about time we wrapped up this plot.

Yoichi and Nagi’s side is down a goal and might easily lose again and go to the 2v2 stage if they pass to Barou, but this time they have a winning formula: just don’t pass to Barou.

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When Will Episode 18 of Blue Lock Be Available?

The release date of Blue Lock Episode 18 is set for Sunday, February 12th, 2023 at 01:30 hours JST. However, due to the time difference described below, the episode will not air until Saturday in most locations.

Blue Lock Episode 17 Preview

In Blue Lock episode 17, “Donkey,” Isagi’s team was having trouble with Reo’s team because Barou wouldn’t work with his other teammates. Isagi did try to talk to Barou, but his attempts to make chemical reactions didn’t work because Barou was determined to win with his goals.

So, Isagi made the decision to eat Barou. He took advantage of the way Barou moved and what he did. He ran past Barou and scored a goal. Then, after Barou was tackled and lost the ball, he stole it and helped Nagi score. So, Isagi and Nagi were able to win the game.

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