Do Nikki and Pauly D Still Have a Relationship? Will They Get Married In 2023?

Do Nikki and Pauly D Still Have a Relationship?

Pauly D. and Nikki Hall have come a long way. As soon as they appeared together on MTV’s Double shot at love, the newly-formed couple was instant favorites. People were rooting for the success of the Jamaican beauty and the Jersey shore OG because of the chemistry they had in front of the camera.

Their relationship has had its ups and downs, but they’ve learned to work through them and are now stronger than ever (especially Pauly D, who didn’t want to end up dating Nikki at first).

Do Nikki and Pauly D Still Have a Relationship? There’s No Reason to Think Nikki and Pauly D Are No Longer Together.

In fact, most reality TV couples are known for not being able to stay together. They are not, however, Nikki and Pauly D.

Even though fans like to point out that Nikki and Pauly D don’t post about each other very often on their Instagram pages, that doesn’t mean that they are no longer together.

Some celebrities just use their Instagram accounts to promote themselves, their brands, and their partnerships instead of always posting about their relationships. Not to mention that many famous people would rather keep their relationships as private as possible.

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On New Year’s Eve 2023, Nikki did post a cute TikTok of herself and Pauly D. At the start of the video, Nikki Cardi B’s cool voice talked about next year’s People reunion.

As Nikki said, “See you next year, or maybe not,” she moved away from the camera, revealing Pauly D standing behind her. The DJ then spun Nikki around and jumped in a little while they both laughed and wore all black.

We don’t think these two people are no longer together.

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Will Nikki and Pauly D Get Married?

Everyone loves a love story on reality TV that goes from dating to getting married. Even though Pauly D and Nikki have been together for a while, they are not thinking about getting married right now.

Pauly D and Nikki Have a Relationship.

Pauly D from Jersey Shore met Nikki Hall on the first season of the reality series Double Shot At Love. In the series, Pauly D and Vinny try to find love with a group of women who look like the Bachelorettes.

When Nikki first appeared on the show in 2019, she was 26 years old, and the two thought they were dating from the start.


But when Nikki shows up with her feelings so strong, Pauly D sends her home for the good of the series. But Nikki came back for season 2, and it looks like they are still together based on their Instagram pages.

In October 2022, Nikki posted a picture of herself and Pauly D dressed up for Halloween on Instagram. She called the picture “Partner in crime.” At first glance, Nikki’s left hand has a ring on it, which makes some fans wonder if they are engaged. The couple likes being with each other, but they aren’t engaged yet.

Who Is Pauly D’s, Girlfriend Nikki?

She was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 15, 1992. Nikki is an actress, a model, and a reality TV star. She is the brand model for some clothing lines like Icon Swimwear and Bamboo Underwear. She became famous when she appeared on the reality TV show A Double Shot at Love as Pauly D.’s girlfriend. DelVecchio has been with Nikki Hall since 2020.