Is ‘Summoned to Another World Again Anime’ Will Be Release Soon?

summoned to another world again anime

The enchanting anime series Summoned to Another World: Part 2 is making its way to television screens. Many specifics about the show’s adaptation and other elements have been revealed.

This most recent announcement, however, finally provided fans with the teaser trailer and first glimpse they’d been anticipating. In tandem with this, the full cast is also introduced to the public. This will tell you when the new anime will premiere without wasting too much of your time.

The new show, better known by its Japanese title Isekai Shokan Wa Nidome Desu, is based on a series of novels with the same name. It was in 2015 that the tale was first published. Released in 2018, the manga is continuing to this day. Studio elle then stated that they will be adapting this isekai narrative into an anime.

Summoned to Another World Again Anime: Official Announcement!

New characters and cast members were revealed on the show’s official website in the most recent release. In tandem with this, a brand new teaser trailer entered the public domain. Takuma Nagatsuka, who plays Toma, is one of the main actors. And Yui Ogura is voicing Shironeko alongside this. Mineko is portrayed by Rina Honnizumi. Finally, Satomi Akesaka will be Loa.

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What Is the Anime About?

The new anime has had its official summary released to the public. According to the plot, the anime follows a famous hero who is summoned to a another universe.

The youngster is struggling to accept that he is no longer a hero after being summoned to another realm. But as he explores the new world, he discovers a peculiar trap waiting for him everywhere, and so he goes back to the old one.

summoned to another world again anime

But he’s changed drastically from the responsible adult he once was.

Unfortunately, he must now start over from the beginning, this time as an infant. Now he has to go back and endure all of the terrible times he had in high school and other aspects of his life.

In the industry, Studio elle is a relative newcomer. However, this production studio has crafted a show that many viewers will find compelling.

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Summoned to Another World Again Anime: Release Date

Well, the good news is that the new anime will soon be airing, much to the excitement of the audience. There has been no official announcement made regarding the international release date as of yet.

Summoned to Another World Again: Anime has yet to receive a release date, however April 8 of 2023 has been bandied around as a possible release date. When new information becomes available, we will be sure to update this section. Finally, all the news can be found here on The Anime Daily.