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What Happened to Ridge on Bold and Beautiful? Is He Leaving Bold and Beautiful?

what happened to ridge on bold and beautiful

If you watch Bold and the Beautiful, you may be wondering: “What Happened to Ridges’s Hand?” On March 23, 1987, the series debuted Ridge Forrester as a main character. The original CBS broadcast of B&B can be seen on that channel. Thorsten Kaye played Ridge Forrester on B&B.

The Bold and the Beautiful was created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for the CBS original Network in the United States. Additionally, the Forrester family was the inspiration for the soap series The Bold and the Beautiful.

In the B&B soap opera, what happened to Ridge Forrester’s hand? American actor Thorsten Kaye is famous for his portrayal of Ridge Forrester on the soap opera One Life to Live. This is why we are including the update regarding Ridge’s hand.

What Happened to Ridge Forrester on ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’?

One of the most prominent families on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful is represented by Ridge, the son of Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas. He is the eldest of four half-siblings, but he has always been treated like the favourite. True to form for a soap opera, it was revealed that he wasn’t actually Eric’s son but rather Massimo Marone’s.

The 33 years since the character first appeared on screen have been filled with many turns and adventures for him. There have been several pivotal plotlines involving Ridge since Ronn Moss, who played him from 1987 to 2012, left the programme. Since then, Thorsten Kaye has taken over the role.

He mistook Taylor’s illness for death twice after he lost his first wife to cancer. He had to change careers after being seriously injured in a fistfight and falsely pleading guilty to murder to protect the one he loved.

His daughter wasn’t even his, he divorced Taylor, married another lady, had twin girls, had an affair, and was declared dead when he wasn’t.

Thorsten plays Ridge this season as he becomes embroiled in a love triangle with Shauna and Brooke. They had recently reconciled and were celebrating at a party when the news broke that Brooke had kissed another man.

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What Happened to The Original Ridge Forrester?

Ronn Moss reportedly resigned from the role of Ridge Forrester after 25 years of playing the character because of wage issues. Since he was one of the first four regulars on The Bold and the Beautiful, he held a special place in the hearts of viewers and was referred to as a “core four” member of the cast.

It was speculated that Ronn had requested that his position on the programme not be re-cast, but the show’s creators finally felt that Ridge Forrester was too integral to the narrative to be written out.

There was also talk that Ronn wanted out of the show since he was in a band named Player and wanted to focus on it instead.

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After departing the show, he played John Blackwell on the Amazon Prime streaming soap The Bay and Ian in the soap Familie.

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