How to Use Photocall TV to Watch TV? How Does Photocall Tv Work?

How to Use Photocall TV to Watch TV?

As the size of smartphone screens has grown, these devices have become interesting ways to consume multimedia content, like watching our favorite TV shows or movies through different streaming video services or watching TV wherever we are. However, this requires a strong data connection if we don’t have a Wi-Fi connection handy.

Photocall TV, a website that gives us access to all free-to-air TV channels in Spain and around the world, is one of the easiest ways to watch TV on your phone. If you didn’t know about this platform yet and are still using the old IPTV lists, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Photocall TV.

How Does Photocall Tv Work?

Photocall TV is a website that lets us watch free-to-air TV in most European and American countries. This website is completely legal because it is a collection of links to the websites of different TV channels.


No one does anything just because they love art, and Photocall TV is no different. When you go to this website, if you don’t have an ad blocker, a lot of ads and tabs will open automatically.

It can be annoying, but with a little patience, we can watch any channel that is being broadcast.

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How Many Channels Does Photocall Tv Have?

Photocall TV gives us access to free-to-air channels from most countries. In addition to Spanish channels, these include channels from Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Honduras, Paraguay, the United States, and most of Europe.

We can watch more than 250 national and regional channels, 390 international channels, 230 radio channels, and a full TV guide, according to this platform.

The channels we can watch on Photocall TV are the same ones we can watch at home with an antenna-connected TV. That is, we can’t watch cable channels like Fox, 13th Street, Sci-Fi, TNT, AXN, etc.

If you want to watch these private channels that you can only get if you pay for a subscription, you need IPTV lists. These lists have become the main focus of many media outlets in recent years, so it’s hard to find ones that work and last.

Some channels won’t let you play the content if your IP address is not from the country.

The only way around this simple restriction is to use a VPN, so if you live outside of your home country but still want to know what’s going on there, you can use Photocall TV and a VPN to do so.

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How to Use Photocall TV to Watch TV?

Since Photocall TV is only available on their website, we are unable to use their mobile app to view their programs. The platform’s logo at the top right corner of the interface is black by default, however, it can be changed to white.

In this example, the top section is titled “National Channels,” followed by “Channel List Relations,” “Non-Alcoholic Beverages,” “Radio,” “Guide with Programming of the Channels,” “Information,” which includes quick links to various add-ons and apps that allow one to mirror one’s Android phone’s display on one’s TV set, and “VPN,” from which one can subscribe to

In addition, it provides a search bar where we can type the name of the channel we want to watch, which is a convenient alternative to browsing for the channel’s logo.

By Visiting the Respective Channel’s Website

the quickest method to catch a live show

Without downloading any apps, you can simply type “view channel name live” into Google. The TV station’s official website always appears as the top result.

If the station is public, like RTVE, no commercials will air before the program begins. But if it’s a private network like Mediaset or Atresmedia, you’ll have to sit through a few commercials—commercials that we can’t skip, and which often appear to play in endless loops.

The Matching Software

The three major Spanish television networks (RTVE, Mediaset, and AtresMedia) all provide their viewers with mobile apps that provide them access to both live and on-demand episodes of their shows, as well as full seasons of shows that have already aired.

The Mediaset and Atresmedia apps require you to sign in with a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple) to use the service, a restriction also included in RTVE Play’s a la carte app (previously RTVE a la carte).

  • These services are also accessible on smart TVs, allowing us to watch our shows whenever we want. The fact that they are AirPlay-ready only adds to the convenience and benefits.
  • With RTVE Play, we get access to all of the channels’ content:
  • The Original Clan First First Teledeporte Playz, On Air 24/7
  • Atresmedia is an application that allows us to see the channels’ content:
  • Mega atreseries Antenna 3 La Sexta Neox