Are Asap Rocky And Rihanna Still Together? Relationship History of Rihanna and Asap Rocky

Are Asap Rocky And Rihanna Still Together?

Rihanna has a lot of star power on her own, and she is also one-half of one of America’s most famous power couples.

Rihanna and her longtime boyfriend ASAP Rocky, a famous rapper who released his first album 10 years ago, seem to be the perfect match. Rihanna hasn’t done a public show since 2018, because she and ASAP have been working on their relationship and planning to start a family.

This week, everyone is watching Rihanna because Super Bowl 57 is coming up, and many people are wondering if she will bring any famous people on stage with her in Arizona. ASAP is most excited about the show, according to the man himself.

Who Is Asap Rocky?

ASAP Rocky was born in Harlem, though his father is from Barbados, where Rihanna was born. His first name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers.

He started rapping when he was nine years old. He had a hard childhood, losing both his father and brother before he turned 14 and living in homeless shelters with his mother and sister.

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As ASAP kept trying to make a name for himself as a rapper, his song “Peso” started to get attention in 2011. He soon got a record deal and released his first album in 2013.

As his star rises, ASAP has been nominated for two Grammys and has won two BET Hip Hop Awards.

For those curious about Rihanna’s halftime show at Super Bowl 57, ASAP said in January on Apple Music 1 radio, “Really, I am. Truth be told, I’m more pumped than everyone else, “What he had to say was.

Relationship History of Rihanna and Asap Rocky

With Rihanna, ASAP Rocky shared the stage in 2012.


When Rihanna took the stage at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, ASAP Rocky came out to perform with her. They sang a duet of a remixed version of one of her singles that featured him. At least in front of an audience, this is the first time the two have met.

2013: In North America, Asap Rocky Will Be Touring with Rihanna.

In 2013, ASAP opened for Rihanna on her North American concert tour. ASAP was just beginning to experience fame at this time. Early in 2013, he published his first album, and the accompanying tour propelled him onto the national scene.

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2019: Asap Rocky Together on The Red Carpet with Rihanna


Both Rihanna and ASAP were on the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards in late 2019. Shortly after, rumors began to circulate that Rihanna had ended her relationship with Hassan Jameel.

2020: Asap the Two Have Been Spotted out On the Town as A Couple.

In late 2020, sightings of ASAP and Rihanna together were frequent despite the fact that neither star has publicly acknowledged their relationship.

The two were reportedly “inseparable,” with Rihanna’s native island of Barbados serving as the backdrop for a photo spread in People magazine showing the duo holding hands on a trip.

2021: Asap Rocky and Rihanna Are Officially Dating

During an interview with GQ, ASAP gushed about his longtime girlfriend Rihanna, calling her “the love of my life.” In 2020, ASAP and Rihanna booked a tour van and went across the country, an adventure they described as “like none other.”

A Kid Is Born to Rihanna and Asap Rocky in 2022.

During the month of May in 2022, Rihanna gave birth to a son. Rihanna’s pregnancy was originally disclosed in January, and she and her boyfriend welcomed their first child together in the spring, leaving only a few short months before Super Bowl 57 for her to perform in the halftime show.

Rihanna’s Net Worth

According to experts, Rihanna has a stunning $1.7 billion in assets. That makes her one of the wealthiest celebrities and the wealthiest female artist in the world.

Though Rihanna hasn’t released new music in five years and hasn’t done any public performances in that time, her “Fenty” cosmetics line has become a worldwide phenomenon.

In addition, here is where you can view the top commercials airing at the 57th Super Bowl in 2023.

Asap Rocky’s Net Worth

The wealth of ASAP is estimated to be close to $20 million. Not even close to Rihanna’s enormous fortune, but still a remarkable sum for someone who spent their formative years in various homeless shelters.

The future looks bright for ASAP’s own career, considering he only released his first album a decade ago and is dating one of the most recognized musicians in America.