Where Is Talia Ray Now? The Stolen Youth Daughter of Larry Ray!

where is talia ray now

In April of this year (2019), The Cut published a shocking expose of a cult involved in sex trafficking, assault, thievery, and more. What, exactly, about a cult could be startling in this day and age when a genuine crime is a king?

The revelation that the cult’s head had moved into his daughter’s college dorm jumped off the page and curdled in everyone’s soul like sour milk.

Larry Ray allegedly moved into his daughter Talia’s room at New York’s Sarah Lawrence College in September 2010 after doing time for freeing his children from their violent mother. He was eventually given a sentence of 60 years in prison for racketeering conspiracy, violent crime in aid of racketeering, extortion, sex trafficking, forced labor, tax evasion, and money laundering violations by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

The people who were hurt by Larry are still getting well, but where is Talia Ray?

Who Is Talia Ray?

Son Larry Ray Has a Daughter Named Talia. Talia Is the Eldest of Her Two Sisters and Grew up In New Jersey. Talia Ray Bravely Revealed Her Experiences During Her Parents’ Contentious Divorce in The Middle of The 2000s, Stating that Both Her Mother and Father Were to Blame, with Her Father Causing the Misuse.

where is talia ray now

Talia Refused to Comply with The Court’s Order and Give Primary Custody of Her Children to Her Mother After Her Parents Divorced. She then remained at A Nearby Juvenile Shelter While Her Father Helped Her Move Into Her College Dorm.

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Where Is Talia Ray Now?

After Her Father’s Indictment, Talia’s Name Was Brought up As a Possible Co-Conspirator, but She Was Never Charged. Since Her Father’s Atrocities Were Exposed to The World, She Has Avoided the Spotlight.

The Bio on A Twitter Account that Many Believe to Be Hers States, “account Currently Locked “ava, I Adore You and Think About You Always. Always and Forever, Your Big Sister Xoxo”

Talia Hasn’t Updated Her Facebook Status Since August 2020, when She Provided a Link to A Voter Registration Drive. Previously, She Worked as A Paralegal in Durham, N.C., and Was “involved in The State Democratic Party,” as Reported by The Post. Everyone Is Left Wondering how Much Her Father’s influence led to her mysterious disappearance.

Talia Ray Was Just as Brainwashed as Her College Friends.

Talia’s Father Was a Major Effect on Her Life Even at The Young Age of Eight. Talia Told Me in The Second Grade that Their House Had Poison in The Walls or The Attic, a Childhood Pal Told the Intelligencer. Her Dad Gave Her that Piece of Advice. He Has Been Spreading This Falsehood for Decades, Even Using It with Sarah Lawrence College Students.

where is talia ray now

Larry Ray Asked His Daughter if He Could Stay with Her While He Attended College After His Release from Prison. This May Seem Odd at First Glance, but Ray Rescuing Talia and Her Sister from Their Mother’s Questionable Care Has Already Convinced Her that He Is a Hero. Talia Would, of course, Do All She Could to Assist Him.

There Was an Initial Period of Success with The Dormitory Setup. Larry Was Hosting Movie Screenings and Purchasing the Students Pricey Take-Out. but It Gradually Deteriorated Into a Terrible Tale of Sexual Grooming, Trafficking, and Extreme Physical Abuse.

The Post reported that Larry’s practice of Preying on A Victim and Isolating Them from Their Loved Ones Wasn’t Limited to The Children of His Daughter’s Classmates. Talia and His Second Daughter, Ava, Both Experienced Very Similar Treatment at His Hands.

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What Happened to Talia Ray and Her Sister, Ava?

The Post reported in February 2020 that By the Time Talia Was 30 Years Old, She Had Not Spoken to Her Sister Ava in Nearly 15 Years.

Talia Revealed This in A Video She Posted to Her Vlog, but Has Since Deleted “my Sister Ava Will Turn 15 Tomorrow; She Was Five when We Were Split Up. God, It’s Been so Long, I Have No Idea What Ava Is Thinking, What She’s Been Told, or How She’s Even Handled the Sudden End of Our Relationship.”

When Their Parents Split in 2004, They Were Kept Apart. Talia Claimed that Her Mother, Teresa, Abused Her, but The New Jersey Child Welfare Agency Found Otherwise. the fact that Ava Never Provided Any Supporting Evidence Played a Major Role in This.

Ava, Then Aged 4, Was Asked by A Government Official Whether or Not Her Mother Had Ever Physically Abused Her. She explained, “that’s What Daddy Tells Me to Say. Teresa Now Has Legal Responsibility for Her Kids. Talia “choose to Spend Her Time in Youth Shelters” While Ava Stayed with Mom.