When Is Honkai: Star Rail’s Release Date? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About This Upcoming Title.

When Is Honkai: Star Rail’s Release Date?

Honkai: Star Rail is the highly anticipated mobile game from HoYoverse, the company that made the hugely popular Genshin Impact. But when does Honkai: Star Rail come out?

With as much attention as the upcoming turn-based RPG has been getting, you’d think it was about to come out. Surprisingly, that is not true.

At the moment, all signs point to a Honkai: Star Rail release date of April 26, 2023.

We had hoped the game would come out in 2022, but a recent trailer (explained below) shows that it won’t be out until 2023.

We believe it will be out on April 26, 2023. This is because the game’s iOS listing says that Honkai: Star Rail will be released on that date.

The final beta is currently going on, but no one knows how long it will last. Sadly, we didn’t get in (again).

Impact 3rd’s story ending isn’t a clear sign, but it does show what HoYoverse is planning with its Honkai IP.

It is expected to come out for Android, iOS, and PC through a dedicated client. There is no news about a console release at this time.

In a New Apple iPad Video, the Release Date for Star Rail Was Shown.

As of October 18, we can confirm that Honkai: Star Rail will be out in 2023.

This information comes from a new YouTube video by Apple. In the video about the latest iPad, Star Rail gameplay is shown. The fine print says that the game will be released in 2023.

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When Is Honkai: Star Rail’s Release Date?

A new update from January 2023 also points to a release date that isn’t that far away. HoYoverse recently got Chinese approval for Honkai: Star Rail.

Now that regulators have given the game the go-ahead, there’s a good chance it’s close to being finished and released.

All of this adds more support to our proposed April 2023 release date.

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Story of the Honkai Star Rail

When Is Honkai: Star Rail’s Release Date?

You don’t have to know much about the Honkai universe to play this game, but it does help. Without giving away too much about either game, the plot of Honkai Star Rail involves a popular character from Honkai Impact 3rd going to a parallel universe and starting his journey there.

Players will travel through space on a magical train that can go through the stars.

Honkai Star Rail Leaks

“UBatcha,” which is known for leaking information about Genshin Impact, is also becoming the best place to get information about Honkai Star Rail. Not only are they revealing interesting facts about the characters, the story, and the world of Honkai Star Rail, but in some cases, they are also showing off brand-new characters that have not yet been released.


Follow UBatcha’s Twitter account to get reliable leaks about Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail will be available for free on Android, iOS, and PC. Hopefully, the game will also be available on home consoles in the future. Considering how popular Genshin Impact was on PlayStation consoles, it’s likely that the same thing will happen with Honkai Star Rail.