How to Connect an iPhone to A Play Station 4 Controller?


There are some excellent mobile gaming controllers on the market, but why buy one if you already have a PlayStation 4 controller gathering dust in a drawer somewhere? Here, we’ll teach you how to link a PlayStation 4 controller to an iPhone, giving you fast access to a superior mobile gaming experience.

Here Is How To Connect an iPhone to A Play Station 4 Controller?

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How to Connect an iPhone to A Play Station 4 Controller?

  • Go to the Setting menu on your iPhone.
  • Tap “Bluetooth” to get to the Bluetooth menu. It might already be on, but if it isn’t, click the toggle switch at the top of the screen to turn it on. It will be green when Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Keep the Bluetooth menu open so you can see when the controller pops up and pair it.
  • Press the PlayStation and Share buttons on your controller at the same time.
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    Keep them down until the light on your controller starts to flash.

  • You should see “DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller” on your iPhone’s Bluetooth menu, under “Other Devices.” Click on that to pair your controller.
  • Your controller is paired when the light on the backstops flashing and turns a reddish-pink color.
  • If you want to pair your PS4 controller with an iPad instead, just follow the same steps.

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How to Disconnect an iPhone to a Play Station 4 Controller?

How to Connect an iPhone to A Play Station 4 Controller?

  • To turn off your controller when you’re done playing, do the following:
  • If your phone has face ID turned on, you can get to the Control Center by swiping diagonally across the screen from the upper right to the lower left. On a touch ID phone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
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  • Press and hold on to the Bluetooth icon.
  • A menu will pop up. Find the symbol that says “Bluetooth: On,” then press and hold it.
  • Your available devices will show up, including your DualShock controller. Press the controller’s name to disconnect.
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  • You can also get to the Bluetooth menu from Settings, the same way you did when you paired the controller for the first time. If there:
  • Find “DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller” under My Devices and click the small I next to it.
  • Click on “Disconnect.”

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How to Connect an iPhone to A Play Station 4 Controller?

  • If you’re still having trouble connecting your controller, Apple recommends
  • Apple recommends you try the following:
  • Unpair, then pair up again. If that still doesn’t work, read more about how to connect Bluetooth accessories to your iPhone here.
  • If your DualShock 4 controller connects, but you still see a “connection unsuccessful” message, try pressing the PS button and waiting for it to connect.
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  • Make sure you don’t already have a lot of other devices connected, as there are limits to how many you can pair at once.
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