Are Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey Dating? Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Dating Rumors

Are Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey Dating?

Pedro Pascal is in the spotlight, and fans want to know who he is dating because of all the rumors. After working on hits like “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars,” Pedro didn’t stop there.

“The Last of Us,” his most recent work of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, was a huge success! Fans wanted to know if Pedro is dating Bella Ramsay, who played the character “Ellie” in the web series. Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about Pedro’s dating life!

Some Information About Pedro Pascal

On April 2, 1975, José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal was born to a child psychologist.

Pascal was known to be a good swimmer when he was younger. At age 11, he competed in the Texas state championships. When he started taking drama classes, though, he stopped swimming competitively.


In 1999, his mom killed herself. After she died, he started using her last name professionally to honor her.

Pascal supports the rights of LGBTQ+ people. When his sister Lux Pascal came out as transgender, he was very happy for her. His sister said, “He was one of the first people to give me things that helped me figure out who I was.”

Celebrity Net Worth says that Pedro Pascal is worth $10 million.

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Are Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Dating Each Other?

Even though there was a vague idea that they were dating because of Leonardo DiCaprio, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are not dating.

On social media, co-stars from the movie “The Last of Us” were used to show how much older Leonardo Di Caprio is than Eden Polani, who is thought to be his new girlfriend.

But neither side has officially confirmed that they are linked.


  • In response to rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio’s alleged new girlfriend, 19-year-old Israeli model Eden Polani, a tweet that compares their age difference to that of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey has gone viral online.
  • During the movie shoot, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey worked together. (Instagram is the source)
  • Whether or not DiCaprio and Polani are dating, the rumors about his relationship with the 19-year-old model have brought up the topic of how the actor likes to date women who are older or younger than him.
  • People on Twitter pointed out that the 29-year age gap between DiCaprio and Polani is the same as the one between Pascal and Ramsey.
  • People are starting to wonder if the two former co-stars of Game of Thrones are dating because they are so close to each other on and off set.
  • But the actors don’t date each other. Instead, they have a close relationship and are more like a family.

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Who is Bella Ramsey?

Isabella May Ramsey, who was born in September 2003, is a talented English actor. She became famous for her role as Lyanna Mormont, a young noblewoman, in the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” from 2016 to 2019.

Ramsey has also been in other TV shows, including “The Worst Witch” as Mildred Hubble and “Hilda” as the voice of the title character. She also played Jane Grey in the Starz drama “Becoming Elizabeth.” She was also in the historical comedy film “Catherine Called Birdy” in 2022, and she played Ellie in the HBO series “The Last of Us” in 2023.