Why Did Lindy and Miguel Breakup? Married at First Sight’s Lindy and Miguel Break Up

Why Did Lindy and Miguel Breakup?

‘Married at First Sight’ stars Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago-Medina have decided to divorce. The two have been the subject of speculation for quite some time. She has posted pictures from her wedding and said she wants to be left alone on social media, but she hasn’t spoken to Miguel since. This is now confirmed.

Lindy shared a wedding video on Instagram in November and requested privacy. She pleaded with their interrogators to let her husband and alone as they worked out their marriage. “Since so much of our relationship has been documented, we’re enjoying the quieter schedule without a reality show. As a token of our appreciation, please know how much we cherish you.”

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Where did Lindy and Miguel end up on “MAFS” Decision Day?


On the 15th season’s “Decision Day,” Lindy and Miguel admitted their feelings for one another. He said that he found her fascinating and that he had grown to love her the more he learned about her. It looked like they were committed to making their marriage work. Unfortunately, fate had other plans.

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Lindy and Miguel Broke Up, but Why?

It has been confirmed that Season 15’s “MAFS” couple Lindy and Miguel have broken up. There have been rumors about this for a while, and now it has officially been announced. Lindy had taken numerous travels without Miguel’s presence.

Lindy and Miguel first connected on “MAFS.” They gave it their all, but they feel that it was never meant to be. Lindy made her announcement on Instagram.


She said, “With heavy hearts, Miguel and I have decided to divorce.” “No marriage can survive if its members aren’t both invested in its survival. Getting married on public television to a complete stranger has been difficult, stressful, and puzzling.”

She went on to say that she and Miguel are happy with their “love at first sight” marriage. In spite of the fact that things did not work out, she insists that she and he are thankful for the opportunity. Lindy also asserted that they had a real relationship.

Following this, Lindy concludes her letter to her audience by saying, “To the audience, we say, please keep in mind that the filming period represents a tiny fraction of our actual existence.

It’s tempting to assume the worst of us, but try to keep in mind that we’re simply regular folks who took a chance. We appreciate you being here with us on this crazy ride and giving us space to recover and develop as people without interfering with our personal space.”