What Was the Reason for Lisa Loring’s Death? Is Her Death Due to Heart Attack?

What Was the Reason for Lisa Loring's Death?

The American actress Lisa Loring died at the age of 64. She was best known for playing Wednesday Addams in the TV version of The Addams Family.

The news was confirmed by Loring’s daughter, Vanessa Foumberg, who told The Hollywood Reporter that her father died on January 28, 2023. It turned out that Loring died because of problems caused by high blood pressure, which led to a stroke.

Lisa Loring was a Child Actor and Model Who Started Her Career When She Was 3 Years Old.

Lisa Loring was born in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, on February 16, 1958. When she was young, her parents got a divorce, and she went to live with her mother in Los Angeles.

Loring started modeling when she was 3. In 1964, she made her first TV appearance as Cindy Norcross in an episode of NBC’s medical drama Dr. Kildare.

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What Was the Reason for Lisa Loring's Death?

Then, she got the part of Wednesday Addams in David Levy’s TV version of Charles Addams’s comic strip The Addams Family. John Astin, Carolyn Jones, Jackie Coogan, Ted Cassidy, Marie Blake, and Ken Weatherwax all played important roles in the series.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Lisa Loring started working on the comedy series when she was five and a half years old. She once said that she learned to memorize before she could read so that she could say her lines.

What Was the Main Cause of Her Death?

Lisa Loring, who played Wednesday Addams on the TV version of the classic book The Addams Family, has died. She turned 64.

Her daughter Vanessa Foumberg told The Hollywood Reporter that Loring died Saturday night at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank of complications from a stroke caused by high blood pressure.

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She died peacefully with both of her daughters holding her hands, Vanessa and Marianne. Loring is best known for her 1964 role as Wednesday Addams with pigtails on ABC’s dark comedy The Addams Family.

She only played Wednesday for two years, but she set the standard for live-action versions of the character. Recently, Jenna Ortega’s version of Wednesday on the hit Netflix show Wednesday was praised as being based on her.

Lisa Loring’s Death Is Very Heartbreaking for His Fans

The actress’s friend Laurie Jacobson went on Facebook to talk about Lisa’s death. “She had a massive stroke four days ago because she smoked and had high blood pressure,” Laurie wrote in her post about the Addams Family star.

“She had been on life support for three days,” the post said. “Yesterday, her family made the hard decision to turn it off, and she died last night,” Laurie wrote at the end.