NETFLIX Mh370: The Plane that Disappeared Is Set to Be Released on Netflix on March 8

NETFLIX Mh370: The Plane that Disappeared Is Set to Be Released on Netflix on March 8

Netflix’s investigative docuseries MH370: The Plane That Disappeared will start on March 8, nine years to the day after the Boeing 777 went missing. The plane disappeared with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. They were flying from Malaysia to China.

The Netflix synopsis says: “In 2014, a plane with 239 people on board disappears from all radar. This docuseries digs into one of the biggest mysteries of our time, Flight MH370.”

The Netflix docuseries is likely to talk about the many theories that were put forward after the plane went missing. There have been unfounded rumors that the pilot killed everyone on the plane and then killed himself, or that the crash was caused by “intervention by a third party.”

What Happened on The Mh370 Flight?

In March 2014, the Boeing 777 vanished on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. No one has ever found out what happened to the plane or where it went.


A Malaysian-led independent investigation report pointed out problems with how the government responded and raised the possibility of “intervention by a third party.” The incident was officially called an accident by Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority in January 2015.

In 2017, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said it thinks the airliner most likely crashed because it ran out of fuel. It thinks that everyone on board was probably dead a long time ago because the cabin and cockpit had lost pressure.

Was the Lost Mh370 Flight Ever Found?

A few pieces of confirmed debris that washed up on the shore of the western Indian Ocean pointed to a long, remote stretch where the plane probably crashed. However, the wreckage has never been found.


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Four years were spent doing a lot of searching to find the plane. At first, the South China Sea was the main focus, but analysis showed that the plane had made an unexpected turn west and then south.

Australia coordinated an official deep-sea search of the Indian Ocean on behalf of Malaysia.

The search covered 46,000 square miles and cost £113 million before it ended in 2017. No trace of the plane was ever found.

Most recently, a private search led by the Texas-based company Ocean Infinity looked over more than 37,000 square miles of sea. The search finished in 2018.

Date of Release for Mh370: The Plane that Disappeared

The documentary MH370: The Plane That Disappeared will be available on Netflix on March 8, 2023, which is nine years after the plane went missing.

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Is There a Trailer for Mh370: The Plane that Vanished?

No, a trailer hasn’t been made yet. But if you visit the title page of MH370: The Plane That Disappeared while logged into Netflix, you can see a teaser video.

In the video, an expert tells the camera, “So the plane takes off at 41 minutes past midnight. It’s a clear night, and everything is very calm.

It goes up to cruising altitude and heads out over the South China Sea.

“About an hour after 1 a.m., things start to get strange. (…) All of a sudden, the radar doesn’t see the plane anymore. Basically, that’s where the mystery starts.”