5+ Best MP3Juice Alternatives for Upgrade Your Music Experience!


The MP3Juice website facilitates the conversion of video clips from YouTube to MP3 audio files. If you’re sick of YouTube commercials or just want to play some tunes in the background without spending any money, you might look into alternatives like MP3Juice.

It’s important to be aware that MP3Juice has occasional bugs.

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It is not always reliable, and it often features intrusive advertisements and pop-ups.

While MP3Juice’s live playback feature was useful, I was unable to download any songs.

Even the live playback functioned only when I searched for a certain artist; otherwise, Chrome would warn me that the URL I typed might actually lead to a malicious website (and I always copied the URL straight from YouTube).

Not only that, but it might be challenging to identify trustworthy sites among the many that function similarly to MP3Juice.

Before I could even type anything into the search area, this version of MP3Juice would automatically create a new tab. That was very irritating to me.

This version functioned as intended, however, it was quite distracting due to the constant stream of new tabs and pop-up windows it opened. And I could only download MP3s, not MP4s.

Since MP3Juice mirrors appear and disappear regularly, it’s helpful to have a reliable list of alternate mirrors to utilize in their place.

I’ll be discussing some great substitutes for MP3Juice today. If you are in need of an MP3Juice replacement for any of the aforementioned reasons, or you are simply curious about the options, then this post is for you.

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Best MP3 Juice Alternatives


mp3juicesEven if you did manage to get MP3Juice to function, every time you wanted to download some music, you would have to go to the site and enter a search word or paste a URL. What if there was a way to use a browser add-on to download MP3s from YouTube while you were watching videos?

You need to install the YTMP3.EU browser add-on immediately. It’s an expedient add-on for Chrome and Firefox that lets you cut and download segments of a video, convert YouTube films to audio, and do all of this without leaving the site.

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It allows for music downloads of up to 320 kilobytes per second. Album covers can be saved on your device alongside your music downloads for easy reference.

The great majority of comments on Mozilla’s Addon Marketplace are positive.

Furthermore, you can utilize the website without any additional software.

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Simply type an address into the bar, and it will take you there.

With so many additional features, this website easily surpasses MP3Juice.

Manual and automated downloading are also options. If you choose automatic download, the MP3 file will begin downloading to your device as soon as it has been converted to MP3 format.

The website also provides a number of functions that are unavailable on MP3Juice. Among those are:

Start and stop the video at specific times before downloading it.

  • Include transitional fades in and out.
  • Modify the audio’s playback speed after it’s been downloaded – Quicken or slow down
  • the tempo of the video Download an MP3 and change the volume, pitch, and other audio settings to your liking

When utilizing the add-ons, you can also access these settings.

Though I’ve had some hiccups while downloading from the site, it’s still mostly reliable. YTMP3.EU is my favorite alternative to MP3Juice because of all the available customization possibilities.

2. Btclod

mp3juicesThe Btclod alternative is a great replacement for the MP3Juice. It’s a great alternative to MP3Juice in my book because it’s simple to work with, loads quickly, and has many powerful options.

It’s an alternative to MP3Juice that lets you download full playlists at once in addition to individual songs by pasting a YouTube URL or entering a search phrase.

Make a YouTube playlist, add the tracks you wish to download, copy the playlist’s URL, and then paste it into the Btclod toolbar to begin downloading all of the tracks at once.

Btclod is distinct from MP3Juice in another way: it lets you cut segments out of videos before you download them. Simply specify the beginning and ending timestamps of your audio, right down to the millisecond.

To do so, you must first turn on the feature by toggling the “Enable Video/Audio/GIF Cutter” switch. To learn how to cut out unwanted parts of a video before converting and downloading it, check out this screenshot:

There are many different file types that Btclod can play, and they include MP3, MP2, M4A, WEBM, and many more.

Resolutions can be found in a wide variety. You can choose an audio quality when downloading an MP3 file, for instance, starting at 64kbps and going up to 320kpbs (and how big you want your download file to be).

You may also use Btclod to save YouTube previews. Additionally, you can use it to turn any video on YouTube into an animated GIF.

MP3Juice doesn’t allow for that kind of customization. Choose an output frame rate between 15 and 30 frames per second and a pixel width between 200 and 520 by clicking the GIF tab.

I didn’t have to deal with any distracting advertisements or pop-ups when using Btclod. My file downloads went off without a hitch.

In addition, Btclod considerately allows you to use Dropbox as an intermediary between your computer and the content you want to listen to or watch.

3. C-YouTube

mp3juicesDownload videos from YouTube with confidence and ease with C-YouTube. Usually, your download will be complete in under a minute, however, there may be moments when it takes longer if the system is experiencing heavy traffic.

One of the best options I’ve found to replace MP3Juice is C-YouTube. It is completely free of malicious software and advertisements.

Enter any YouTube URL and the system will automatically convert it to an MP3 file, which can then be downloaded directly to your device.

C-ability Youtube to download videos from YouTube is another great incentive to use it instead of MP3Juice.

A simple “c-” prefix in the address bar will take you directly to C-YouTube.com with the video’s URL prepopulated. Upon clicking the link, the MP3 audio version of the video will begin downloading immediately.

Have a look at the image I’ve embedded above to get an idea of what I mean. The prefix “c-” must be placed before the “YouTube” portion of the URL, not before the “HTTPS” or “WWW” sections.

It’s possible that C-YouTube is lacking some superior capabilities, such as the option to search the web for MP3 files or download YouTube videos as MP4 files. However, if you are concerned about harmful pop-ups and malware, it is the ideal solution for downloading YouTube videos as MP3 files.

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4. OKmusi

mp3juicesOKmusi is up next on our agenda. You’ll have to exit an ad-supported pop-up window in a new browser before you can start downloading a video, which is a bummer.

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However, there are numerous available downloads.

To get started, just paste in a YouTube link. Once the pop-up window has been closed, the movie can be downloaded as an MP4 or MP3 file, depending on your preference.

You may also search globally for content related to a specific musician or band by entering their name or the name of a specific song. You can then select the most applicable result and go to the download page.

OKmusi provides a paid premium app, OKmusi Pro MP3 Downloader, for those who are willing to spend a little more money. Because it incorporates more than a thousand additional sites from which you can directly download, it is a superior replacement for MP3Juice’s free edition.

If you have the Po MP3 Downloader software installed, you won’t need to go to YouTube to copy and paste a link. Instead, you can access YouTube, TikTok, SoundCloud, Facebook, and probably a thousand other sites without ever leaving the app, and you can browse for and download music at your leisure.

The software also allows for high-quality music downloads (up to 320kbps).

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You may also create your own playlists or download ones that other users have made on OKmusi and listen to them offline.

In comparison to MP3Juice, OKmusi Pro MP3 Downloader has a batch download option that allows you to download up to 300 songs simultaneously.

Albums featuring several tracks can be found and downloaded in their entirety with a simple search. You can also paste a lengthy list of URLs at once to download them all.

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5. AceThinker Music Downloader

mp3juicesThe reason many people avoid using online downloading programs is that they frequently take you to suspicious websites and force you to watch odd popups. Try AceThinker Music Downloader instead of MP3Juice if you’d rather avoid all that hassle.

There are zero advertisements and zero virus risks. The program has a free trial period, after which you may purchase a license good for life on a PC or Mac.

In AceThinker, you can search for songs or copy and paste URLs to download videos.

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And unlike MP3Juice, you can just paste the URL of a YouTube music playlist to download all of the videos in the playlist at once.

This is a paid service, but if you frequently download songs from YouTube, it could be well worth the cost. You may rest easy knowing that you can’t catch a virus.