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Where’s Derek Alldred Live Now? Have Courts Sent Him to Jail on Charges of Scamming?

Derek Alldred Where's Live Now?

In 2012, when conman artist Derek Alldred met Cindi Pardini, he saw her as another person he could try to scam money from. But he didn’t know that she would soon make it her life’s work to get him in trouble.

Dateline’s “The Perfect Man,” tells the story of his horrible crimes and the investigation that followed, which helped a lot of people find peace. If the details of the case are interesting to you and you want to know where Derek is right now, we can help.

Who is Derek Allred?

Derek Mylan Alldred, who is 50 years old in 2021 and was born in Twin Cities, Minnesota, pleaded guilty in December and was ordered to pay his victims $254,892.41. He was also close to his parents, and criminal psychiatrists have said that he started scamming people for no reason other than the fun of it.

His method of operation (M.O.) stayed mostly the same because he met most of his victims on dating apps or social media sites before he met them in person.

Derek Alldred Sentence

Derek Alldred, who will be 50 years old in 2021, thought he was the perfect match for almost every woman he dated. So, he could trick them into giving him money. According to information gathered from the Dallas news website, he was caught in Tarrant County last year and sentenced to 24 years in federal prison for scamming at least 25 people, including two in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, out of thousands of dollars by using dating websites.

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But he was finally sent to jail for stealing money from a woman in Texas. In the same way, his crime involves taking advantage of women and running away after stealing all of their money.

Derek Alldred Where’s He Now?

He meets women all the time because he is a rich, nice businessman who has earned the woman’s trust. Because of this, he could use their money and finances. Based on what was found on the Topinfoguide website, one woman went to the police and said that he had cheated her and taken her savings. But the police let him go while they looked into what happened.

Still, he ended up in jail because he cheated a woman in Texas. Derek Alldred is a well-known con artist who is doing a 24-year sentence in an Oregon state prison. Our website will have more information about when he will be released and other details.

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Derek Alldred Family

According to the 44bars website, the names of Derek Alldred’s parents and other relatives are unknown. When it comes to his private life, he seems completely private. Derek has kept the names of his sister and brother a secret. It is so hard to tell if he has other siblings. His father gave him a good upbringing and taught him right from wrong.

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