Has Turkish Actress Kansu Dere Died in The Earthquake in Turkey? Is this True?

Has Turkish Actress Kansu Dere Died in The Earthquake in Turkey?

Monday’s terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria left thousands of people missing in the rubble. One of the most common is the name of the famous actress Cansu Dere. Some news outlets say that the actress went missing among the rubble, but others say that she is fine and is even planning a campaign to help the victims of the accident. Even though there is a lot of uncertainty, we will tell you everything we know so far.

Who Is Cansu Dere?

Cansu Dere is a well-known actress and model in Turkey. She is 42 years old and comes from a family of Greek and Bulgarian immigrants.

She was a finalist in the Miss Turkey beauty contest in the year 2000. So, her career as a model took off, and she started walking for the most well-known brands in her country. In 2012, she was offered a job with the well-known brand “L’Oreal,” and she was also seen in Paris and Milan, two of the most important fashion cities.

Cansu Dere is also known for the fashion magazines she has worked for, such as L’Officiel, Instyle, Elle, and Vogue.

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She also got her degree in archaeology from the University of Istanbul in 2004. At the start of the same year, she made her film and TV debut. Between 2006 and 2008, Ella Dere Ella played the lead role of “Sla” in the series Sla, which starred Mehmet Akif Alakurt. Over the years, she has played important roles like “Eyşan” in the TV show Ezel, which is thought to be one of her best roles to date.

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What Happened with Cansu Dere?

This week, an earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, killing thousands and injuring hundreds.

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Cansu Dere, a Turkish actress, has one of the most famous names. Early on, there was a rumor that the actress was missing among the rubble and that she might even be dead.

Fans of the actress rushed to her Instagram to leave messages of love and support.


But recently, another version has come out. Birsen Altuntas, a journalist, said that “Infiel’s” main character is part of a campaign to raise money and help the victims of the deadly earthquake. Version that would suggest that Cansu is alive and well.

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Traditional Turkish Soap Opera Featuring Cansu Dere

The woman who vanished is remembered as a major star of Turkish television. Her acting career began more than a decade ago, but her breakout role on the serial opera “Unfaithful” catapulted her to stardom.

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The Turkish version of this drama swiftly rose to prominence as a fan favorite and was met with enthusiastic response across the globe.


“Madre” It was thanks to one of these soaps that Cansu Dere reached the zenith of his career.

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The story follows the life of Zeynep Güneş, a teacher who takes a young student into her home after learning that the girl, then seven years old, may have been abused by her parents.