Does Rasputin Die in Destiny 2? is It a Big Twist or Is He Truly Gone?

Does Rasputin die in Destiny 2?

Some new Destiny 2 players might find Rasputin’s history confusing, but if you finished the Final Dawn finale quest for Season of the Seraph, you might be curious about what happened to Rasputin. You can only finish the Final Dawn, know what happens, and see the cutscene if you have finished the quests for More Than a Weapon. Here’s where Rasputin is right now.

In Destiny 2, Is Rasputin Dead?

We have been clearing out Seraph Stations all season, trying to keep Eramis and the House of Salvation from taking control of Warmind.

Rasputin tells him that he should get disconnected when the Final Dawn quest starts so that he can turn off all the Warminds. Eramis is in charge of the Warminds, and she wants to use them to kill the Traveler. Rasputin should stop this from happening. The only thing he could do was log off for good.

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Ana Bray, Rasputin’s best friend and family member, decides to give Rasputin what he wants and pull the plug, as you can see in the cutscene you get halfway through the Final Dawn quest. Rasputin dies, the Warminds are destroyed, and for the time being, the Traveler is safe.

After fighting Rasputin and then seeing him join the Light and fight for humanity with the Guardians, it’s a sad end to the Witch Queen year to see him die. Rasputin was very strong and could have helped us fight the Witness. He was also a close friend, which makes his death even worse.

Now that Rasputin is dead, the Witness has an even better reason to come to Lightfall and get what he wants. If we don’t have any Warminds to help us fight, we need to keep protecting the Traveler and go to Neomuna to see if we can find more help there.

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