When will be Release Date of Solo Leveling the Anime? Is It Release Date Cancelled or Not?


Most Webtoons start out as self-published web novels by the person who makes them. But if their story is good, they will skyrocket to fame. Soon, they’ll get a webtoon, and if they’re really lucky, a live-action drama might be in the works. But Korean webtoons being turned into anime is a fairly new trend that I’m glad to see picking up. There are a lot of great stories that would make great anime, and Solo Leveling is one of the best of them.

A lot of rumors were going around, but Crunchyroll confirmed that Studio A-1 Pictures is still working on the Solo Leveling anime adaptation.

On July 3, they told fans that the highly anticipated anime would come out sometime in 2023. So, it looks like fans won’t have to wait too long to see the best boy Sung Jin-antics Woo in a world where he can change indefinitely.

Where to See Solo-Leveling Anime?

Solo Leveling will debut on Crunchyroll, but sources have confirmed that there isn’t a set date or time. We’ll change this article when the new information is out.

Even though A-1 is in charge of Solo Leveling, fans are still anxious about how the anime will turn out.

When will be Release Date of Solo Leveling the Anime?

Many fans were unhappy with the story and pacing of the Big 3 manhwa (Noblesse, God of High School, and Tower of God), which Crunchyroll co-produced.

Fans’ feelings are understandable since Solo Leveling has been at the top of Crunchyroll’s poll of the top 10 mangas fans want to see as anime for two years.

But the growing excitement keeps fans waiting as they put their hopes in the production staff.

Still, it would be best if you didn’t sleep on this group of anime veterans.

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When will Solo Leveling the Anime come out?

Now, about the expected release date: because the manhwa is so long, we don’t think the studio will be able to tell the whole story in one season. Since there will probably be more than one season, and if the studio works quickly (without lowering the quality of the anime as they did with God of High School), we might get it in the first quarter of 2023.

When will be Release Date of Solo Leveling the Anime?

And if the creators don’t want to keep fans on the edge of their seats and decide to put it out all at once… Then you’ll have to be patient because we won’t see it until the third or fourth quarter of 2023.

Story of Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling has all the elements of a great story: an underdog main character who went from being the weakest hunter in the world to being the strongest hunter in the world, a long storyline with complex lore, and an addictive modern retelling of a popular type of fantasy story.

The main character is a rank-E hunter named Sung Jinwoo, who is called “humanity’s weakest.”

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When will be Release Date of Solo Leveling the Anime?

Jinwoo’s fate seems bleak in a world where hunters are the only ones who can stop monsters from coming out of “Gates.”

But as luck would have it, Jinwoo runs into a rare double dungeon with rewards that will kill him. The weak Rank-E hunter somehow stays alive after being left for dead.

Jinwoo has become the System’s Player, a mysterious person. Jinwoo’s life gets better in the end, but he has to work for it.

Jinwoo goes on a hard journey to find out the secrets of the dungeons and where they came from after gaining new skills and abilities.

Who Is Going to Be in The Anime Solo Leveling?

When it comes to the show’s cast, there have been a lot of rumors about the voice actor who will play Sung-Jin Woo, the main character. Some people say that the well-known voice actor Mamoru Miyano will do the character’s voice if a Japanese studio makes a movie based on the manhwa.

Mamoru Miyano is known for being the voice of Death Note’s character Light. And there have been many rumors that famous voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch will play the guy in the English version of the anime. Jonny Yong Bosch is well-known for voicing characters like Ichigo (Bleach), Sabo (One Piece), and Lelouch (Dragon Ball Z) (Code Geass).

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