5+ Top Applications Similar to Dave for Quick Cash Advances!

apps like dave

When it comes to apps that help with budgeting and getting a head start on a paycheck, Dave is certainly among the most well-known. Multiple apps do the same basic functions, albeit they may offer somewhat different features or have slightly different pricing structures.

This post will introduce you to some excellent substitutes for Dave’s Payday USA, a popular online lender of payday advances. Like Dave, most of them offer small payday cash advances, but if you need more money, some of them also offer personal loans.

Best Apps Like Dave for Advance Cash

All of the applications discussed here can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Before settling on one of the cash advance apps on this list, make sure to do some research and compare their features. Check out the top Dave-like cash advance apps so you can borrow money quickly if you ever need it.

What Are Cash Advance Apps and How Do They Work?

Cash Advance apps, often known as Payday (or Paycheck) Advance Apps, allow users to get paid in advance for services rendered. They are a way to borrow a little portion of your upcoming income, usually between $100 and $200, to utilize in case of a financial emergency.

Use the app to borrow $100, for instance, until your next paycheck arrives. The amount will be deducted from your next paycheck when it arrives, which is a matter of days after using the program.

Even though some apps provide access to personal loans, payday advances are not loans in the traditional sense. The reason for this is that you are using money that is rightfully yours, even though your employer has not yet deposited your salary.

The apps do not charge interest because you are spending your own money. However, the vast majority of them charge a monthly membership cost of anything from $1 to $10.

Dave, one of the market leaders, is notable because it offers tiny cash advances of up to $100 per pay cycle for a flat fee of $1 per month. It has a tonne of extras like a budget planner and overdraft alerts.

Dave has the most loyal (and expanding) customer base in the business and the greatest prices. However, there are many more options in the market for this type of service. So, if you need cash quickly, here are some of the finest alternatives to Dave:

Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

1. Brigit

Brigit Is a Popular Alternative to The Dave Loans App that Allows You to Borrow Small Amounts of Money Up To $250 Between Paychecks. No Interest Is Added to Your Loan, but There Is a High Membership Fee of $9.99 Every Month.

Even While the Service Costs More than Dave’s One-Dollar Monthly Fee, It Also Provides Free Account Monitoring. as Part of That, You’ll Have Access to Budgeting Software that Can Help You Break Down Your Income and Expenses.

apps like daveBrigit Has Relationships with Over 15,000 Financial Institutions Across the United States. This Includes Major Banks Including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Td Bank, Chase, and Many More. when Your Account Balance Is Low and About to Go Below Zero, This Feature Will Immediately Deposit Cash Into Your Account to Keep You from Incurring Overdraft Fees.

Brigit Provides the Choice to Make Early Repayments and Extend the Payment Deadline. the Software Claims It Will Not Sell or Distribute Your Personal Information and Uses 256-Bit Encryption for Security Purposes.

Pros Cons
paycheck advances up to $250 expensive monthly membership charge
free account monitoring
access to budgeting tools
helps prevent overdraft charges

2. Earnin

Earnin, Formerly Known as Activ Hours, Is a Fantastic Option for Those Who Do Not Wish to Pay Dave’s Monthly Subscription Cost. Instead, You Must Tip the App Whatever Amount You Feel Is Appropriate for The Service Rendered. You Can Use the App to Get a Cash Advance on Your Paycheck of Up to $500 per Pay Period, at A Rate of $100 per Day that You’ve Previously Earned.

If Your Bank Account Balance Falls Below a Predetermined Amount, Earnin’s Balance Shield Alerts Will Send You a Message. Overdraft Fees Can Be Avoided with The Use of The Cashout Function, Which Can Deposit Up To $100 Into Your Bank Account Automatically.

apps like daveEarnin Has Several Advantages, but It Also Has Certain Drawbacks. Paycheck Advances Can Only Be Given to People Who Have a Regular Payment Schedule (weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly).

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if Your Company Doesn’t Have a Physical Location or Doesn’t Use Time-Tracking Software, You Can’t Use This Service. Half of Your Compensation Must Be Deposited Directly Into Your Bank Account Each Pay Week.

Pros Cons
paycheck advances of up to $100 per day must have a regular pay schedule
supports tipping instead of fees the employer needs to have a physical workspace
account balance alerts

3. Money Lion

To Simplify the Process of Borrowing, Saving, Investing, and Earning, Money Lion Is an All-In-One Mobile Banking App. Similarly to Dave, It Has an Option Called “instances” that Allows Users to Get Their Money Before They Get Paid.

You Can Get a Cash Advance on Your Next Salary for Up to $250 with No Fees or Interest. the Organisation Guarantees a Prompt, 24/7/365 Funds Transfer to Your Bank Account. You Can Get Your Paycheck Two Days Early Thanks to The Roar Money Function.

apps like daveMoney Lion’s Absence of A Minimum Balance Requirement Is Its Strongest Feature. Standard Transfers, International Transactions, Mobile Check Deposits, and Card Replacements Are All Free with The App.

The App Also Facilitates Investment Decisions by Allowing You to Move Cash from A Savings Account Into Exchange-Traded Funds Selected on The Basis of Your Individual Objectives and Comfort Level with Risk. the App’s ‘credit Builder Plus’ Membership, Which Grants Access to Loans of Up to $1,000, Costs $19.99 per Month and Requires a Separate Monthly Payment of $1.

Pros Cons
all-in-one banking app slightly expensive $20 subscription tier
no minimum balance requirement
borrow up to $250 of your next paycheck
reasonable $1 monthly charge

4. Branch

Branch, a Top Cash Advance App that Works Similarly to Dave, Also Provides Personal Loans in Most of The Nations Where It Is Available. in The United States, You Can Get a Cash Advance of Up to $500 on Your Next Paycheck, or $150 Every Day.

They Provide Free Checking Accounts, Debit Cards, and Access to Over 41,000 Fee-Free at Ms in The United States. in Addition to Making and Receiving Payments, the Branch App Also Allows You to Send and Receive Money and Pay Bills. Instant Debit Card Advances Cost Between $2.99 and $4.99, While Conventional Bank Account Advances Are Free but Take up To Three Business Days to Process.

apps like daveWhile the Branch App’s Helpful Features Are Appreciated, the Cash Advance Option Is Subject to Strict Conditions. to Begin, You Must Have Worked for The Same Company for At Least Two Months Before Applying for This Position and Receiving a Salary from Them.

It’s Recommended That You Open a Checking Account at A Bank that Supports the Service and Obtain a Debit Card. to My Dismay, the App Does Not Cater to Mobile Professionals. that Rules out The Possibility of Using the App if Your Company Doesn’t Have a Traditional Office Setting.

The branch Not only Operates in The United States, but also in A Number of Other Countries Such as India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Others. the App Advertises Personal Loans with Interest Rates of Up to 360% in Various Markets.

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Loan Terms Might Be Anywhere from 60 to 336 Days in Length. the Cibil Score and Personalised Recommendations Are Provided Free of Charge Every Month Through the App, Allowing Indian Users to Keep Tabs on Their Credit and Financial Situations.

Pros Cons
cash advance up to $150 per day stringent requirements for cash advance
free monthly CIBIL scores (India-specific) interest rates as high as 360% in some markets
standard transfers are free of charge

5. Even

Even Is Another App that Enables You to Acquire a Cash Advance Quickly by Connecting You with Thousands of Employers Who Have Joined The Firm. the App Requires a Monthly Membership Cost of $8, but There Is No Interest Charged.

However, There Are Companies that Cover All or Part of That Expense. the Even App Not only Provides Cash Advances but Also Helps You Budget from Paycheck to Paycheck by Alerting You to Forthcoming Bill Payments and The Amount You’ll Need to Cover Them.

apps like daveIt’s Worth Noting that Even Is only Accessible Through a Limited Number of Associated Employers. Its Insta Pay Service, Which Makes Instantaneous Cash Payments to Your Bank Account, Is Compatible with More than 18,000 Financial Institutions.

Unlike Some of The Other Applications Below, Though, Even Does Not Really Give out Loans. Wages Are only Available for Withdrawal Once They Have Been Earned.

Pros Cons
quick access to earned wages charges a membership fee of $8
no interest cash advance
over 18,000 partner banks