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Don Lemon’s Assertion that Nikki Haley Is Not ‘In Her Prime’ Provokes Reaction!

Don Lemon's Assertion that Nikki Haley Is Not 'In Her Prime' Provokes Reaction!

On a recent broadcast, CNN anchor Don Lemon said that Nikki Haley is not “in her prime,” which provoked a firestorm of online criticism.

During Thursday’s episode of CNN This Morning, Lemon made the controversial comments, suggesting that the former governor of South Carolina shouldn’t be judgmental of the ages of candidates running for governor.

I feel quite uneasy with all of this talk about getting older. It seems like a bad choice to me. According to her, “people, you know, politicians or something is not in their prime,” Lemon remarked. Sorry, but Nikki Haley has passed her prime. Between the ages of 20 and 40, a woman is generally regarded as successful and attractive.

The other anchor, Poppy Harlow, cut in on Lemon and questioned, “What are you talking about…?” prime for what, exactly?

Nevertheless, after saying, “It’s just, like, prime,” Lemon implied that his statement was “not according to [him]. You can find the answer to the question, “When is a lady in her prime?” by conducting an online search. The 20s, 30s, and 40s will be listed. She needs to be careful about claiming that politicians aren’t in their prime, which is not to imply that I agree with her.

Harlow then challenged her co-host, “Are you talking about prime for childbearing or are you talking about prime for president?” implying that he needed to clarify his meaning.


Lemon tried to defend himself by encouraging his co-anchors not to “shoot the messenger.”

Please don’t kill the person bringing the bad news! Just the facts, man!” he exclaimed, before suggesting that the audience “Google it.” A woman’s peak is in her twenties, thirties, and forties, he added; just “Google it, everybody at home.”

As Haley declared her bid for president in 2024, CNN anchor Don Lemon said she shouldn’t criticize other candidates’ ages because she “wouldn’t be in her prime according to Google or whatever it is.”

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Since then, the episode has received widespread backlash online, with some viewers even going so far as to say that Lemon’s show should be “canceled” because of the host’s “misogynistic” remarks.

One commenter commented, “He should be canceled and dismissed,” while another remarked, “Google does not make something a fact!” Misogynist if you believe women only reach their full potential between the ages of 30 and 40. Get rid of him, @CNN.

To sit there with two women and say these things just because he dislikes a female politician demonstrates the incredible sense of entitlement he must have. Did he really think they’d have his back?” Another individual posed the question.

Others took the opportunity to compare Haley’s age of 56 to that of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is 80 years old.

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The age of our president is 80. To what end does it concern you that Nikki Haley is currently flourishing? You come across as an insecure sexist idiot. One tweet read, “You’re also horrible at your work, and another read, “She’s five years younger than you.” Just go to sleep and reflect on what you’ve done.

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