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Simply entering the term, phrase, or item you wish to research into a search engine like Google will return a list of results that include connections to websites that provide additional information about your query. If you don’t know the person’s identity and you want to figure out who they are in a snapshot, it seems hopeless.

As a last resort, you can consider uploading the photo to a discussion board in the hopes that someone there would be able to identify the subject in the picture and provide you with their name.

Now, thanks to the existence of reverse image search, it’s possible to do a search using a picture as the query rather than a term. Useful both in the situation we just described and for webmasters curious about who is stealing their photos and images without authorization, this is a handy tool.

This article provides links to five websites where you may conduct a reverse image search without spending a dime.

1. Google Image Search

Google is not just the finest option for traditional text searches but also has a highly effective reverse picture search. Simply go to Google Images in your browser, click the camera symbol (hovering the icon with the mouse pointer shows a label “Search by image”), and you’ll be given the choice to either paste the complete URL of an image you’re looking for or upload one directly from your computer.

yandex reverse image search

If you use Google Image Search, you can find similar photos at the bottom of the search results and see which websites are hotlinking the searched image. You may also right-click a picture on a website and select “Search Google for this image” on the Google Chrome web browser, which is useful for finding similar images.

2. Yandex Images

In Russia, Yandex Reigns Supreme Over Google, and Like Google, It Offers a Handy Image Search Option. Yandex’s Image Search Results Just Reveal Where the Image Is Being Used and A List of Alternative Sizes, in Contrast to Google’s Intelligent Algorithm that Attempts to Infer the Person in The Image. Yandex Will Provide Similar Photos in The Event that The Requested Image Cannot Be Located.

yandex reverse image search

Yandex’s Reverse Image Search Functionality Is Very Comparable to That of Google’s. the Camera Icon to The Right of The Search Box Allows You to Upload an Image or Look for A Specific Url.

3. Tin Eye

Tin Eye, Which Began in 2008 and Has Indexed Almost 8 Billion Photos, Is the First Web-Based Image Reverse Search Engine. You Can Do a Search for An Image by Either Uploading a File from Your Computer or Pasting the Url of A Picture or A Webpage, at Which Point It Will Display All the Images on That Page.

yandex reverse image search

Tin Eye Offers a Browser Plugin for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera if You Find Yourself Frequently Using the Service to Streamline Your Image Search Needs. Tin Eye’s Ability to Filter Results by Best Match, Most Altered, Largest Image, Most Recent, and Oldest Is a Handy Feature.

The Comparison Tool Is Also Quite Helpful Because It Allows You to Quickly and Easily See the Differences Between Your Image and The Found Image Match. in Case You Were Wondering, Yes, Tin Eye Is Free for Non-Commercial Use, and Yes, the Paid Version Does Indeed Provide API Usage.

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4. MyPicGuard

Another Service that Uses Reverse Image Searches to Identify the Source of Stolen Photos Is My Pic Guard. to Get Started, Join up For a Free Account and You’ll Receive 100 Free Credits Right Away. an Image Reverse Search Will Cost 1 Credit.

Since MyPicGuard Is Apparently Still in Beta, We Were Unable to Find a Means to Purchase Additional Credits. when Opposed to The Reverse Image Search Service We Just Discussed, My Pic Guard’s Onboarding Process Is More Involved and Time-Consuming.

yandex reverse image search

Access the Scan Page After Logging In. the Scan Subfolder Can Be Accessed by Expanding Images. Click the Disc Icon and Choose the File from Your Computer to Upload. Select “click to Scan” from The Drop-Down Menu Once the File Has Been Moved to The Scan Folder.

After Choosing Start Regular Scan, You’ll Be Given the Option to Schedule Automatic Scans at Predetermined Intervals (every 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week, or 1 Time per Month) or To Run a Manual Scan Whenever You Like.

yandex reverse image search

When the Scan Is Finished, You Will Receive an Email and Can Close This Window (normally the Scan Takes Only A Couple of Seconds). if You Check out The Final Page, the Total Number of Results Found Using the Submitted Image Will Be Displayed in The Upper Right Corner.

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5. Image Raider

Image Raider Works Like Other Reverse Image Search Engines in That You Can Either Enter a Url or Upload a Local Copy of An Image to See Whether It Has Been Used Elsewhere Online. Credits Are the Currency of Image Raider; a New Account Starts with 300 Free Credits, and Each Image Search Costs 1 Credit.

yandex reverse image search

Unlike Some of Its Competitors, Image Raider Doesn’t Use Its Own Reverse Image Search Algorithm or Robot to Scour the Web in Search of Photos.

It Simply Scrapes the Search Picture Results from Google, Bing, and Yandex and Presents You with A Consolidated Result with Details Like the Domain Name with A Statistic Called Domain Authority, the number of images, and the number of pages. A domain can be removed from the search results by selecting the whitelist icon.

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