Do Raven and Sk Still Have a Relationship? Do They Have a Live In Relationship?

Do Raven and Sk Still Have a Relationship?

The members of the cast of Love is Blind season 3(opens in new tab) provided the laughs in October of last year, with an appearance from Andrew and some false “tears” from Raven. To add to the good news, the Love is Blind: After the Altar episodes allow viewers to witness more of their favorite couples from Series 3 in action.

Viewers may relive the antics of the season 3 cast and find out whether or not couples like Alexa and Brennon, Bartise and Nancy, and Colleen and Matt are still together (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab).

Furthermore, the current status of Raven and Sk’s relationship as of the year 2023 will be revealed. Fans were generally pleased with the couple’s status following their November 2022 reunion, but subsequent social media drama has left some questioning if they are still together.

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All is exposed here.

Do Raven and Sk Still Have a Relationship?

Raven and SK said at the Love Is Blind reunion that they were still dating and that they had made it work while SK was in graduate school. But just a few days later, when people were saying on TikTok that SK had dated other women while he was dating Raven, the two broke up. They said it on Instagram.

love-is-blind-couples-now-raven-and-sk-zz-221019-d1cb40-8432222“We’re sad to say that we’ve decided to go our separate ways,” they both wrote on their Instagram Stories. “Because these accusations are still in court, we can’t give you any more information and ask that you respect our privacy during this hard time.

Thank you for believing in us and following our love story.

This trip has changed our lives forever, and we are so grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way. Your love and help mean the world to me.

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Where Is Raven from Love Is Blind Right Now?

Raven has stayed in Dallas and is still doing her first love, Pilates. The 29-year-old has posted a number of gym selfies and pictures of her teaching Pilates classes on her Instagram, as well as catch-ups with her fellow female LIB contestants.

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In January 2023, Raven went to New York and caught up with Nancy Rodriguez. She also shared photos from a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland. Near the end of the month, she said that she had even gone to Los Angeles to teach Pilates.

Where Is Love Is Blind’s Sk Now?

SK is still going to school at the California-based Haas school of business at Berkley.

After he finishes school, he wants to work in early-stage venture capital.


SK has also been going to work conferences and speaking on panels about how to get a job in technology. In November 2022, he went to Austin, Texas, for AfriCon. In January of 2023, the student posted pictures of himself doing business in Switzerland.