5+Best Alternatives to TextNow for iOS and Android!

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The finest apps, like TextNow, are virtual communication tools that allow you to send limitless texts, make free calls, and register a second phone number on your smartphone without requiring a physical sim card. Here at NaijaKnowHow, we’ve compiled a list of several great alternatives to TextNow that you can use on your Android or iOS device.

The main smartphone operating systems Android and iOS both support the TextNow virtual number app. With TextNow, you can send and receive texts quickly, make and receive free calls, use voicemail and call forwarding, get a free U.S. phone number, and much more. On the other hand, we’ve found several excellent alternatives to TextNow and compiled a list for you below.

When looking for an alternative to TextNow, there are many factors to take into account beyond just the free US number it provides. However, the process of actually getting the app to work can be cumbersome; users have reported that they were required to use a virtual private network (VPN) in order to make TextNow function.

List of The Best Apps Like Text Now for Android & IOS

While the Apps Listed Below Are All Free to Download, You Should Be Aware that Premium Access to Certain Features or Phone Numbers May Require Payment in Order to Use Them. Before Proceeding with Reading or Installing Any of The Listed Apps, Please Read Our Disclaimer Page in Order to Understand Our Position Regarding This Listicle.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice Is Perhaps the Best Voice-Over Ip Service Provider in The World, and Despite Its Limits in Some Regions, It Is Still One of The Best Virtual Phone Number Apps Available. if You Own an Android or IOS Device and Are Looking to Replace Text Now, Google Voice Is a Great Alternative Because It Provides Free Phone Calls and Text Messages.

textnow appGoogle Voice Is Feature-Rich, Easy to Use, and Completely Free to Download. Google Voice Is a Great Alternative to Text Now Because It Allows You to Use Your Existing Phone Number While Also Providing You with A Free Virtual Number.

2. Numero eSIM

If You Don’t Want a U.S. or U.K. Number but Still Need a Virtual Phone Number, Numero E Sim Has You Covered with The Ability to Generate Multiple Electronic Sim Cards for Use with Different Virtual Phone Numbers from A Variety of Countries.

textnow app

Numero E Sim Is One of The Greatest Alternatives to Text Now for Android and IOS Customers Because It Allows for Unlimited Local and International Calls.

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3. Burner: Second Phone Number5

It’s Worth Noting that Another Programme, Burner: Second Phone Number, Functions Similarly to Text Now but Has a Few More and Better Capabilities. as An Added Bonus, the Burner Software Also Makes It Simple to Block Unwanted Calls and Activate Temporary Phone Numbers that Automatically Expire After a Certain Period of Time Has Passed.

textnow appMoreover, Burner Allows You to Generate an Electronic Sim (e Sim), Which Eliminates the Need for A Physical Sim Card by Establishing an Instantaneous Connection Between Your Device and Your Network. One of The Most Viable Alternatives to Text Now Is the Excellent Burner Software.

4. Tossable Digits Phone Numbers

If You’re Seeking An App that Will Let You Manage and Create Several Phone Numbers on Your Existing Device, Then Look No Further than Tossable Digits Phone Numbers. Several Phone Numbers Can Be Made, Limitless Calls and Texts Can Be Made, Spam Calls Can Be Blocked, and Your New Phone Number Can Be Set up To Forward to Your Old Number.

textnow appIf You’re Looking for A Suitable Alternative to Text Now, Look No Further than Tossable Digits Phone Number, a Fantastic Virtual Number Software that Ranks Among the Finest Alternatives to Text Now.

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5. Text Free by Pinger

You Can Enjoy Free Texting and Call with This App and Its Custom Phone Number, Which Allows You to Create a Custom Number from Different Area Codes, and The App Is Available for Both Android and IOS Users. Text Free by Pinger Is a Phone Number App that Allows Users to Send and Receive Texts and Calls Using a Virtual Phone Number.

textnow app

Text Free by Pinger Is a Great Alternative to Text Now for Both Android and IOS, and It Comes With A Number of Useful Features. These include Voice-To-Text Messaging, the Ability to Set a Unique Ringtone for Your Virtual Phone Number, the Ability to Create Groups, the Support of A Wide Variety of Emoji, and Much More.