How Much Is John Easterling’s Net Worth? How Did He Grow His Career so Much?

How Much Is John Easterling's Net Worth?

John Easterling was born on 10 April 1952. At the moment, he is 70 years old. Likewise, he was born in the USA.

People don’t know much about his father and mother because John has been secretive about them. Also, he hasn’t told the public about his sibling’s information yet.

When it comes to his nationality, Easterling is an American, but his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Regarding his education, the entrepreneur went to the University of North Carolina and got a degree in environmental sciences there.

How Much Is John Easterling’s Net Worth?

John Easterling’s estimated net worth in 2023 is $12 million. His Amazon Herb Company brings in $100 million a year in sales. Easterling owns 284 acres of land on three continents. He grows herbs for his company there.


He seems to have his hands in a lot of different businesses and investments. He also wrote a book called “John Easterling -Founder, Amazon Herb Company.” Eastern’s investments and business ventures bring in about $2 million a year.

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John Easterling’s Career and Working Life

After John got his diploma, he put in an application to join the Peace Corps. He eventually quit the Corps and moved to South America to try new things. He soon started selling rare minerals and stones like roses, mountain crystals, opals, etc. A few years after the real voyage, he did his most important real dig.


In the same way, Easterling had hepatitis in 1980 and was very sick. Luckily, he got better and went back to work. John was in a motorized canoe on a stream in 1990 when he started to feel sick. The environmentalist made it to a small village, but when he got there, he passed out. He was lucky that the tribe was nice to him.

Soon, Easterling met Dr. Nicole Maxwell, a scientist who had spent more than forty years looking for herbs in the Amazon. He went with him on the trip, and the two of them worked together to start the Amazon Herb Company in 1990. Its main office is in the city of Jupiter, in the state of Florida.

There are also plantations owned by the company in the Amazon region. It has to do with making and selling herbs, herbal cosmetics, and other products made from herbs. The company follows the rules and laws for protecting nature and building in a way that is good for the environment.

TriVita, an international company for health and wellness based in Arizona, worked with Amazon Herb Company.

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John Easterling’s Wife/Kids

John dated for a long time. In fact, he and this woman have known each other for 15 years before they started dating. They decided to get engaged and get married on June 21, 2008. Also, their wedding took place on top of a mountain in Peru. Nine days later, they got married again on a beach in Florida.


Olivia Newton-John used to date and marry an American actor named Matt Lattanzi. They had a daughter named Chloe Rose Lattanzi in January 1986, who is also an actress and singer. Later, they got a divorce, and for nine years, she was with Patrick McDermott.

Honors and Awards

In 2011, John Easterling and Olivia Newton-John, who was his late wife, both got the SAFE Water Award for their work to protect the Amazon. In 2012, the couple won the ACEER Legacy Award for their work to protect Amazon rainforests and help protect the environment.

Journey in Search of Medicinal Herbs

Easterling came close to dying from hepatitis in 1980, but he got better quickly. In 1990, he was riding a motor canoe down a stream when he started to feel sick. Even though he was completely exhausted, he made it to a small village, but he passed out there.

Luckily, the tribe that lived in the village was nice to him and helped him get better. They gave him different herbs every day, but especially herbal tea, which made a big difference in his condition. His constant physical pain and mental exhaustion were greatly reduced. He suddenly realized that the real treasure was the rare herbs.