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Where Are William Gates and Arthur Agee Now? They Were in The Movie “hoop Dreams.”

Where Are William Gates and Arthur Agee Now?

Arthur “Man” Agee Jr. ( born October 22, 1972) is a former high school basketball player from Chicago.

Agee was one of two Chicago-area basketball players whose lives were covered in the 1994 documentary Hoop Dreams.

Earlier Life of Arthur Agee

Agee is the oldest son and second child of Arthur “Bo” Agee Sr. and Sheila Agee. In his younger years, he lived on the north side of Chicago, near where William Gates, the other star of Hoop Dreams, lived.

By the time the movie started filming, the Agees had moved to the West Garfield Park neighborhood, which remained Agee’s home until he graduated.

Earl Smith, a part-time, unofficial talent scout, found him when he graduated from elementary school in 1987.

He persuaded Arthur’s parents to send him to St.

Joseph’s High School, a private suburban school where most of the students are white.

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Arthur Agee’s Career

Arthur “Man” Agee Jr. never made it to the NBA, even after spending two years at Arkansas State (Division I) after junior college. However, he did play Slamball and became a semi-professional player.

In recent years, though, he has been speaking to young people to inspire them and has even started a clothing line with the Arthur G. Agee Jr. Role Model Foundation.

We should also mention that the Chicago native and father of five was arrested in November 2017 for aggravated battery for allegedly punching a woman, but the charge was later dropped. In other words, Arthur is moving on with his life and doing the best he can at the age of 49.

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Where Are William Gates and Arthur Agee Now?

Neither William Gates nor Arthur Agee ever played in the NBA, but Gates did get his chance. In 2001, he actually worked out with Michael Jordan, who was getting ready for his NBA comeback with the Washington Wizards. 

According to the Washington Post, MJ promised Gates a spot on the team, but Gates broke his foot. After he had healed, he also tried out for the Chicago Bulls, but nothing came of it.

Gates, who is now 49, went on to get a Bible degree and worked as a pastor at a community center in the neighborhood where he grew up, Cabrini Green, until 2012. He then moved his family to San Antonio, where he coaches AAU basketball. His team is called Team Hoop Dreams, and all three of his sons played for him, according to CNN.

His oldest son, William Gates Jr., got a scholarship to Furman University and played for the Paladins for parts of two seasons before going back to Texas to finish his college career at Houston Baptist.

Arthur Agee did play pro basketball for a short time, but not in the NBA. Instead, he played in the now-defunct USBL and for a short time with the Harlem Globetrotters.

He started acting and has had a few small roles over the years. He is also a motivational speaker and makes and sells clothes inspired by Hoop Dreams.

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