What Happened to Chef KiKo on “below Deck Med”? Why Did Fire Him From the Show??

What Happened to Chef KiKo on

“Below Deck” is a fun reality show that follows the crew of a luxury charter yacht as they sail through tropical places. The show shows what it’s like to live on the water by following the crew as they deal with their relationships and other personal obligations while doing their best to serve demanding guests.

The series also has a lot of steamy romance, high-octane drama, and amazing settings, which makes for exciting TV.

Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran got a lot of attention when he was on season 5 of “Below Deck Mediterranean.” He left the show after filming was done, hoping to find a new challenge to overcome. Now that he’s out of the spotlight.

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What Happened to Chef Ki Ko on “below Deck Med”? Why Did Fire Him From the Show?

In Season 5 of Below Deck Med, KiKo was introduced to the audience. He was easy to like, and there wasn’t much drama when he was on the show. He was even able to get close to the people on his crew, especially chief stew Hannah Ferrier.

Even though KiKo was nice to everyone on board, Captain Sandy said that his cooking wasn’t very good. The food that KiKo made was never amazing, and the Vegas Night on the boat was a total bust.


He and Hannah Ferrier decided to make fried dishes for dinner that night, which was a terrible idea. Captain Sandy was very angry that the dinner went wrong, and KiKo left soon after the charter ended. The chef thought it was time for him to leave Wellington because he didn’t think there was any way to please Captain Sandy.

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According to CheatSheet, Captain Sandy talked on Below Deck Med about what happened to KiKo and said, “I never said he had been let go. Our favorite chef isn’t a loser. He took a step toward his goal by falling forward. He was way out of his league. He fought. We all backed him up.” KiKo has been doing great things since he left Below Deck Med, and he is still following his dreams of becoming a chef.

Where is Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran Currently?

Once filming for season 5 of “Below Deck Mediterranean” was over, Kiko said that he had a two-year contract to be the head chef on a catamaran that would sail around the world. Reports say he had a great time on the catamaran and saw some beautiful places, like Costa Rica, Turkey, the Bahamas, and the Caicos Islands, among others.


Also, Kiko has a beautiful relationship with his loving girlfriend (now fiancee), Nicole Skwara. She got the same job on the catamaran as Kiko, so the couple can travel the world together.