What is AnimeDao? Why Should You Use AnimeDao to Stream?

What is AnimeDao? Why Should You Use AnimeDao to Stream?

There’s a reason why anime is a billion-dollar business. It has held the attention of people all over the world for more than a hundred years. What began as a Japanese cultural phenomenon has quickly become a worldwide draw. People love anime for the unique way it tells stories. The fun, interesting, and unique ways the characters are shown, along with the plots, subplots, and character growth, make for a great viewing experience.

As a form of art, anime has the power to pull you into a fantasy world. Animations and shows like Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, and Attack on Titan are very popular all over the world, not just in Japan. There are a lot of anime, and each one is made for a certain type of person. As a fan of anime or someone who wants to start watching it, you want to watch the shows on a platform you can trust.

Today, we’re going to talk about AnimeDao, which is considered one of the best anime sites on the web.

What is AnimeDao?

AnimeDao is a website where you can stream your favorite anime shows and watch them from anywhere in the world. You just need a good streaming device and a way to connect to the internet. As for the source, AnimeDao is one of the five best anime sites on the internet, according to me.


Why? It has great streaming features and works without any lag. Depending on how fast your internet is, you can change the streaming quality and even set a limit.

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Why Should You Use AnimeDao to Stream?

AnimeDao is the place to go if you want to watch anime online and have a great time. On this website, you can find all of the best anime content for free. This platform has everything, from the newest episodes of ongoing series to the most popular shows. There are many good reasons to stream on this platform, and I’ll tell you a few of them.

Simple Design

As I’ve said in my most recent reviews, anime websites need to find a happy medium between being fancy and giving users a great experience. With its simple design, AnimeDao focuses more on how it works than how it looks, which I think is better. So that you can find the content as quickly as possible, there are big thumbnails with big text and information like the date it was uploaded.

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The Dark Side

Most social media sites and streaming sites tried to add this feature to their sites. Like those platforms, AnimeDao started giving users the option to switch between a dark theme and a light theme with just one click.

This adds to the overall streaming experience. I like dark themes, so I prefer them over bright white ones on my Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and anime websites. You can choose based on what you want.

Huge Collection of Content

This site to stream anime has more than 2000 titles. You can look for whatever anime you want. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can try the most popular ones. Aside from that, you can look at the whole list and read the synopsis of any series you want to start. I can’t stop using this platform, and on the weekends I often binge-watch shows I’ve never heard of.

Content Structure

For a new user, the structure of the content is just as important as the content itself. On the main page, you can see a list of all the most recent episodes. This lets you know how long an anime has been going on for. You can also put things in order by how popular they are. So, if you click on the Popular tab, you can find shows that people all over the world love.

The Website with No Ads

The difference between AnimeDao and Animefreak is that the homepage of AnimeDao doesn’t have any ads. This is an important part because it makes it easy for users to move around the website.

You won’t see the GDN banners until you get to the inside pages. None of them are annoying or get in the way of your browsing or navigation, so that’s good. Even just a little bit of care goes a long way.

How Can You Get to Anime Dao?

Since AnimeDao is very popular, there are many ways to get to the site. Here are the two ways I’d suggest you get to the website:

1. Type “AnimeDao” into your search engine, and the website will probably be on the first page of the results.

2. You can go straight to the site by clicking on this link: AnimeDao. Just make sure you have an active VPN before you go to the site. This will protect you from bad ads and hackers.


In terms of design, AnimeDao is not as expressive as Animefreak or Animeheaven. It keeps things simple, which may be appealing to a lot of people. The blue and white colors look very clean when they are put on top of a wooden wallpaper. The menus are easy to use, and the website is a joy to look around.


The logo for this website is on the left side of the header. (Like the social media platform Telegram). In the middle, you can choose between “Home,” “Anime list,” and “Popular.” On the right is a search bar that you can use to quickly find any content.

The Hero Part

Some people like the no-nonsense style of the hero section, while others don’t. The main choices are “Latest,” “Ongoing,” “Added,” and “Dark.” Below these options, you can see short thumbnails in the vertical direction, along with more information. All of the content in this section was added in the last few days.


The hero section only has the first five rows. The approach of having a lot of information is continued in the body. Each row has three titles, and there are more than 15 rows on one page. I really like this part because there are no ads at all. So, you don’t have to worry about clicking the wrong thing when you scroll.


The design of the website’s footer is very good. You can choose between “Quick Links” and “Site Links.” You can choose between “Anime List” and “Popular Anime” under “Quick Links.” You can find the “Contact Us,” “Privacy Policy,” and “Disclaimer” links under “Site Links.” On the right, you can see a logo and, above that, a summary.

Inner Pages

There are two important pages inside that caught my attention. Like always, the list of channels came first. The streaming page was the second. Above the video player, there are four main options: “MX,” “VCDN,” “HLS,” and “GO.” You can find a list of different episodes under the stream player and a GDN banner to the right.


AnimeDao is a well-known site with a lot of content. There are almost 2000 anime that cover a wide range of genres, such as horror, sports, drama, fantasy, action, parody, shoujo, supernatural, thriller, crime, and magic, among many others. On the platform, you can find anime with English subtitles and also anime that has been dubbed into English.

You can watch popular shows like “One Piece,” “My Hero Academia,” “Black Clover,” “Demon Slayer,” “Naruto Shippuden,” “HunterXHunter,” “Assassin’s Pride,” “Pokemon,” and “Given” on this site.

Desktop/Mobile experience

So far, it has been a pleasure to stream on AnimeDao. In the past six months, I’ve streamed the website on my HP 15 laptop, my Pixel 3a, and my iPhone XR. There have been no problems with any of the streaming sessions. There aren’t many ads, and they don’t get in the way of streaming in any way.

You can stream on AnimeDao without needing a separate player or plugin because of the built-in player. This stops malware from doing bad things. You won’t have to update your Flash player or get some random trojan on your PC. The interface is easy to use because it is well-designed. Still, I think you should always use a VPN because it will protect both your device and your identity.

Suggestions I have for AnimeDao

I don’t have any complaints about the website in particular. I don’t mind the GDN banners because the content is free to use. They don’t get in the way of streaming in any way. So, I’d like to thank the developers for all their hard work. The only thing I’d like the developers to add is an auto-play feature, which can make watching a whole lot better.


You can get everything you need for anime at AnimeDao. Its clean interface and easy-to-use design make it easy to find content quickly. It is one of the best places to stream anime from a lot of different genres. With high-quality streaming and a large number of channels,