Liar Liar Anime Release Date Coming Soon: Get Ready For The Thrill Ride of Deception!

Liar Liar Anime Release Date

Liar Liar is based on a series of light novels written by Haruki Kuo and illustrated by Konomi. It takes place on “academy island,” where students fight to decide the order of things at school. The news of a Liar Liar TV anime has been released.

The same-titled Haruki Kuou light novel is being adapted by GEEKTOYS. A popular light book with a manga adaptation is called Liar Liar. The series is a well-known example of psychological fantasy game-themed literature.

Classroom Of The Elite is another illustration of this group. But rather than being a serious game with significant stakes, Liar Liar is more of a strategy-based romantic comedy. It has the best of both worlds because of this.

“Liar Liar” Anime Release Date

In 2023, the anime “Liar Liar” will debut. The precise release dates are still pending announcement. The Anticipated Release Date Is for The 2023 Fall Season. Since April 2019, the Media Factory publishing business has been releasing the series.

Oh yes! The manga adaptation is also available and is now being serialized in Seinen manga magazine, which I almost forgot to mention. Beginning in July 2023, Geek Toys’ adaptation of an anime television series will air.

“Liar Liar” Anime Plot

Academy Island is where the anime takes place. Students use their minds to win here, and their rank is based on how many points they get. Hiroto Shinohara is a new student who gets the best score on the entrance exam and beats the top student, Sarasa Saionji, on his first day.


Hiroto’s secret, though, is that he is a fake. He has only lies and bluffs, which he has used to get ahead. He uses these lies to move forward on the island, with the help of his cute maid Shirayuki Himeji, who is also a liar.

Now, he has to tell clever lies and cheat to stay at the top. But he doesn’t know that Saionji, the queen and best student at the academy, is fake. So, she’s been doing the same thing. Now, they have to be very careful when they play these mind games.

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About “Liar Liar” Anime

It is a Japanese romance comedy light novel series written by Haruki Kurosawa and illustrated by Konomi. The series has been out since April 2019 under the imprint MF Bunko J, which is owned by Media Factory. In August 2019, the Seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive by Media Factory began running a manga adaptation with art by Funa Yukina.

"Liar Liar" Anime Release  Date

The story takes place at an academy, where students fight each other to see how they rank and where they belong. Hiroto Shinohara, a young student, gets the best score ever on the school’s exam, which is the hardest in all of Japan. On the first day of school, he beat Sarasa Saionji, the queen of the school, and became one of the school’s Elite Seven Stars.

“Liar Liar” Anime: The Main Casting

The main cast reads from left to right; Genta Nakamura as Hirroto Shnohara, Yukina Shutou as Himeji Shirayuki, and Wakana Kuramochi as Sarasa Saionji. Some people have been added to the anime’s cast.

Liar Liar Anime Release Date

Where to Watch “Liar Liar” Anime?

"Liar Liar" Anime Release Date

Tokyo MX, BS Asahi, and other regional Japanese TV networks are where Liar Liar anime is broadcast. We anticipate that after the anime’s live broadcast in Japan, it will be accessible on Crunchyroll.

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“Liar Liar” Anime: New Teaser Video Out!

On November 18, a teaser trailer for the anime was made available for viewing on the anime’s official website. The major cast, release date, crew, and promotional images are all revealed in the teaser. To commemorate the release of the teaser, Konomi, the light novel’s illustrator, created a visual. A joyful image was also submitted by Funa Yukina.